In Neuquén, everyone is already looking at 2027

In Neuquén, everyone is already looking at 2027
In Neuquén, everyone is already looking at 2027

It will be Figueroa himself, without mediators, who will appreciate the support and explain that his leadership in provincial politics, “transcends the doors of the MPN.”

Inviting the cousins

He will leave the invitation for the leaders and militants of the provincial party to join Neuquinizate, to start a new “political feat facing the manifest voracity of the different actors of the national parties.”

Figueroa’s matrix and speech are in line with the postulates of Felipe and Elías Sapag. With that tune he will go to convince his cousins ​​from the MPN.

It will be the kickoff to a strategy that seeks to add political muscle at the request of Figueroa to put a stop to the libertarian advance.

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Gaido and First Neuquén

In Neuquén capital the same thing would happen but with the current mayor, Mariano Gaido, as the driving force.

with space First Neuquén which led to his re-election as communal leader, the “lord mayor” will try to repeat the strategy and expand it to new members.

Different sources report excellent harmony between Figueroa and Gaido.

Positive signs

The last few months show some agreements and commitments at the government level, both communal and provincial.

Taking into account the way they build power, it would not be unreasonable for an alliance to emerge between the two, both at the provincial and local level, by 2027.

Meanwhile, the rest observe and analyze when and how to play.


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