Today, the premise of Aeronavegantes is the defense of our skies, said Brey – Politics

Within the framework of the International Cabin Crew Day, the Secretary General of Aeronavegantes, Juan Pablo Brey, marked the organization’s commitment to the defense of the sovereignty of our skies and of Aerolíneas Argentinas. “Today we must face one of the toughest and most important struggles in Argentine airline history,” he said.

In that sense, the also president of the Cabin Crew Committee of the International Transport Federation (ITF) and Press Secretary of the Argentine Confederation of Transport Workers (CATT) expressed: “The attacks on our flag airline and therefore Therefore towards our sources of work are permanent, but so are our commitment and its defense”, and added: “No one better than us to demonstrate to society as a whole how indispensable our activity is.”

Along the same lines, Brey maintained that the Cabin Crew “are the ones who work every day for and for the interconnectivity of the towns of the interior, demonstrating on each flight our unwavering commitment to the transfer of passengers with special requirements and bodies to its subsequent transplant and, above all, to assist the national State in emergency situations, knowing that we are an indispensable strategic resource for our Nation.” Furthermore, he clarified that “today, from Aeronavegantes, the premise is the defense of our skies, against a government that tries to sell the Homeland and hand over our sovereignty. “We are not going to allow it.”

According to Brey, “in recent months we have given ample evidence of our strength and I do not doubt for a single moment that the union and collective strength that we managed to build are the most powerful tools we have. Know that my task as General Secretary of our union is to carry that strength as a flag to the place where it should be carried. We know perfectly well what our role means, which we dignify, honor and defend every day, every day. “It gives me enormous pride to be able to represent it hand in hand with all of you,” added Brey.

It is worth remembering that, every May 31, Cabin Crew Day is celebrated in honor of Ellen Church, the first passenger cabin crew member in history who, thanks to her professionalism, managed to convince the aeronautical industry of the importance of the presence of personnel on board, providing a high commitment not only to care but also to safety.

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