last days to register and access a prize of US$ 6 million

He Zayed Sustainability Awardthe pioneering global award for sustainability and humanitarianism of the United Arab Emiratesmake the last call to candidates for its 2025 cycle.

With three weeks to go before the submission deadline – June 23 – they call on small and medium-sized businesses, non-profit organizations and secondary schools in Argentina and the region to submit their application and join the ranks of the agents of global change.

This award has already recognized Argentine initiatives. In 2022, the company Mamotest received $600,000 as an incentive for their work in the fight against breast cancer. And in its last cycle, the Technical School No. 3 María Sánchez de Thompson from the Palermo neighborhood, was a finalist for its water quality diagnosis project.

Under the motto “Meeting for Sustainability”, the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Buenos Aires brought together 60 Argentine references committed to expanding their environmental projects.

Saeed Al QemziAmbassador of the United Arab Emirates in Argentina, referred to the importance of the Zayed Awards for sustainability “which represent an unwavering commitment of the United Arab Emirates to one of the most important challenges of humanity: the construction of a healthier environment, where society lives in harmony with nature”.

In this regard and to further support the UAE’s efforts in this action and uplift vulnerable communities around the world, the Prize has increased his funds from 3.6 million dollars to 5.9 million dollars.

The winners of the Zayed Prize 2023. Photo: Zayed.

What is the Zayed Sustainability Award?

This is an annual award created in the United Arab Emirateswhich has been awarded since 2008 and “recognizes and rewards the achievements of those who promote sustainability solutions -” impactful, innovative and inspiring “- in five categories different:

  1. Health
  2. Food
  3. Energy
  4. Water
  5. Global High Schools

To encourage a broader range of organizations and secondary schools to participate, the Prize will accept from this edition applications in several languages, including Arabic, Spanish, French, English, Mandarin, Portuguese and Russian. This will ensure that innovative solutions from diverse linguistic and cultural contexts can be recognised.

In the case of the categories of Health, Food, Energy, Water and Climate Actionorganizations must demonstrate that they are improving access to essential products or services in their target communities, and that they are able to apply a long-term vision to improve living and working conditions.

For the category of Global High Schoolsprojects must be student-led and demonstrate innovative approaches to addressing sustainability challenges.

The most recent winners were awarded at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP28).

High school projects should be student-led. Photo: Archive.

Inspired by the humanitarian and sustainability legacy of the UAE’s founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyanthe award, which has been in effect for more than 15 years, has to date recognized a total of 117 winners whose student-led solutions or school projects have had a positive impact on the lives of 384 million people Worldwide.

How much money can you win with the Zayed Sustainability Prize?

In this edition, the annual incentive totaled 2.3 million dollars compared to the previous one. Therefore, it will now be USD 5.9 million which will be divided as follows:

  • will be awarded 1 million dollars to each winner of the Health, Food, Energy, Water and Climate Action categories.
  • In the category Global High Schoolswhich is divided into six regions of the world, each school can claim up to USD150,000 to start or further expand your project.

The six world regions in the Global Secondary Schools category are:

  1. America,
  2. Europe and Central Asia
  3. Middle East and North Africa
  4. Sub-Saharan Africa
  5. South Asia and East Asia
  6. Peaceful

Who can register to participate in the Zayed Sustainability Award?

The call is open for sustainable Argentine projects in one of the five categories offered by the award. You can register:

  • Small and medium businesses
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Secondary schools
The call is open for sustainable Argentine projects. Photo: Martín Bonetto.The call is open for sustainable Argentine projects. Photo: Martín Bonetto.

How to register for the Zayed Prize and when is there time?

To register you have to enter the official Web of the prize: For any questions, contact [email protected] or, for assistance in Spanish or Portuguese, with [email protected].

There is time to register until June 23, 2024the day on which the deadline for submitting candidatures closes.

What is the evaluation period for the Zayed Prize?

The Zayed Sustainability Prize has an evaluation process of three stageswhich are divided as follows:

1) Audit: All submissions are duly reviewed to ensure they meet the Impact, Innovation and Inspiration evaluation criteria. This process identifies qualified applications and results in the selection of eligible candidates.

2) Evaluations: They are carried out by a Selection Committee, made up of groups of independent international experts for each category.

3) Final decision: The Jury meets, in person, to deliberate on the finalists and select the winner or winners, in each category. Final decisions must be unanimous.

To facilitate the nomination process and increase participation, there will be interactive webinars and presentation clinics throughout this month. These virtual meetings will offer guidance on the application process and tips for creating compelling proposals. For more information, write to [email protected]

The winners of the Zayed Sustainability Award will be announced at the Awards Ceremony to be held on January 14, 2025, during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW).

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