They arrested a relative of the victim

The Minister of Security of Córdoba, Juan Pablo Quinteros, confirmed this Thursday the arrest of a person for the crime of Olga Ester Villarreal (72) in the Comercial neighborhood.

“This is a person from the family environment. She is a woman on whom the greatest suspicions fall,” he told Miter Córdoba.

Crime in the Commercial neighborhood

The drama was discovered this Wednesday after noon in a home located at 5900 Villa María Street in that neighborhood in the southern part of the Capital.

Several hypotheses are being considered. As it turned out, no missing items would have been noticed with the naked eye. The house had no damage, a priori.

The victim lived alone. At the back of the house, in a small apartment, her 50-year-old daughter and her son live, who would not have heard or seen anything, according to sources in the case.

Commotion in the Commercial neighborhood of Córdoba due to the crime of a neighbor in her home. (Javier Ferreyra)

Official sources indicated that the woman’s daughter discovered the horror.

When questioned, and in the midst of a nervous breakdown, the woman said that she saw her mother at 9 in the morning on Wednesday and that everything was fine.

After noon, after waking up, he found her murdered in the garage of the house.

It was she who ran to ask for help.

The first police officers who arrived at the home, alerted by a call to 911, had the information that the retiree had been shot to death.

After a few minutes, a medical team from an emergency service arrived. The professionals limited themselves to confirming the death of the victim and determined that the victim had blows to the head.

The area was immediately cordoned off. After a while, police chiefs, investigators and judicial officials arrived.

Commotion in the Commercial neighborhood of Córdoba due to the crime of a neighbor in her home. (Javier Ferreyra)

Shock and questions

One version states that the woman had been attacked with a blunt object. Sources with access to the case highlighted that the investigators were struck by the violence displayed by the aggressors at the scene.

The arrest of a person from the family environment, who would be the victim’s niece, was known this Thursday.

Investigators would have identified the woman in security camera records that would show her entering and leaving the scene.

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