Rawson is the first city in Chubut to have 5G frequency

Rawson is the first city in Chubut to have 5G frequency
Rawson is the first city in Chubut to have 5G frequency

The mayor of the capital, Damián Biss; and the Modernization coordinator, Marianela Beilacher, met online with the person in charge of the National Territory of Telefónica Movistar, María de los Ángeles Campegni, and with the person in charge of the Patagonian Region, Alexis Andrés Solari.

Rawson was the city awarded for the use of the 5G frequency. For this reason, during the current year we will continue to innovate in the structure of the Radio Base located in the city. In this way, it is remembered that only people who have a mobile device with the 5G function will be able to access the service of such frequency.

In this regard, the municipal official, Marianela Beilacher, commented that “today it is a fact, Rawson as the capital city is a beneficiary of the 5G frequency service, like the other capital cities of the Argentine territory, as well as Mar del Plata, Bahía Blanca and Autonomous City of Buenos Aires”, and added that “this responds to an investment by Telefónica of more than $80,000 dollars.”

“5G networks can reach speeds of 10 gigabits per second, making them 10 times faster than 4G networks,” he highlighted.

He indicated that “this means that tasks, such as telemedicine, or remote medicine, take advantage of all this technological potential to improve health care, as well as its accessibility, as well as downloading a movie or making a backup copy of a database. data”.

“Access to 5G technology is great news for the residents of the city and for the connectivity of the entire province,” he highlighted, and noted that “it must be taken into account that only those people who will be able to access the 5G frequency will be able to access the 5G frequency.” have such a function on their mobile device.

Likewise, the municipal official added that “we are also moving forward with the Telefónica-Movistar Foundation to sign the Conecta Empleo agreement,” and explained that “it is a digital training program to improve the digital skills of unemployed people or those who want to improve their employability, from the technological, educational and professional sector.”

“Conecta Educación helps connect people in this social environment, connect them with education and training for employment. This program will help social entities multiply that impact in the digital world, providing the best knowledge to continue acting in the digital world,” concluded Beilacher.

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