Antioquia Peasant Sports Games: a meeting of unity and rural sports

Antioquia Peasant Sports Games: a meeting of unity and rural sports
Antioquia Peasant Sports Games: a meeting of unity and rural sports

In the image, a mixed volleyball match played at the 2023 Campesino Sports Games. Photo: Rodrigo Mora Quiroz – Indeportes Antioquia.

With enthusiasm and expectation, the countdown begins for the start of the Indeportes Antioquia 2024 Institutional Sports Games. The first competitions, scheduled for Wednesday, June 12, will convene the rural population of the department in a multi-sport celebration: the Peasant Sports Games of Antioch.

From Wednesday June 12 to Sunday June 16, 2024, the municipalities of Toledo and San Roque will be the epicenter of the competitions of the subregional competitions of North and Bajo Cauca and Northeast and Magdalena Medio, respectively.

Viviana Ángel Maya, deputy manager of Sports Promotion and Development at Indeportes Antioquia, highlighted the importance of this meeting: “we want to shelter the rural population to promote sports, recreation and physical activity, and one of these strategies implemented is the realization of the Peasant Sports Games.”

Participants will compete in various sports disciplines, such as chess, athletics, basketball, billiards, soccer, indoor soccer and volleyball. In the Urabá subregion, softball will be added.

“On this occasion, each subregional will have its own champion, without a departmental final, to ensure that the competitions are held on equal terms. This also influences the sports activities carried out,” said Ángel Maya.

The Peasant Sports Games competitions will also have activities in four other venues: from Wednesday, June 19 to Sunday, June 23 in San Luis and Frontino, for the East and West subregionals, respectively, and from Wednesday, June 26 to Sunday, June 30 in Salgar and San Juan de Urabá, for the Southwest and Urabá, in their order. This year, the Aburrá Valley subregional will not be held.

These meetings will have the participation of more than seven thousand athletes, becoming the most significant event for the rural areas of the department. Each subregion will carry a name in this sports festival that highlights its main economic activity:

  • Peasant Games of Milk and Livestock (North and Bajo Cauca)
  • Peasant Mining Games (Northeast and Magdalena Medio)
  • Fruit Games (West)
  • Peasant Games of Agriculture (East)
  • Peasant Coffee Games (Southwest)
  • Banana Peasant Games (Urabá)

“We, in this administration, wanted to return the execution of the Institutional Sports Games to the municipalities. The bet is big and we want to once again place trust in the host populations. Indeportes Antioquia delivers the resources to the municipality to manage. This brings economic benefits to the territory and regains commitment to the Games,” added Ángel Maya.

Thus, the Antioquia 2024 Peasant Sports Games are emerging as a comprehensive celebration of sport among the rural community of the department, reaffirming the commitment of Indeportes Antioquia to development and social transformation through the promotion of sport, recreation and activity. physical.

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