They seek to save lives on the roads this Sampedrina season

They seek to save lives on the roads this Sampedrina season
They seek to save lives on the roads this Sampedrina season

In a joint effort to guarantee the safety and tranquility of citizens and tourists during the festivities of San Juan and San Pedro, authorities launched the road safety campaign “In San Juan and San Pedro celebrate and take care of your life.”

The launch event took place at the Neiva Toll Gate, where visitors to the Bambuquera capital were welcomed. of America and the beautiful department of Huila.

With the presence of achiras, queens, troupes, raboegallo, papayera and messages of recommendation, the National Police welcomed all citizens with the beginning of this festive season. The uniformed officers of the Transit and Transportation Section carried out road safety activities aimed at all road actors, with the aim of raising awareness about the importance of safety on the roads, preventing accidents and facilitating mobility.

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During the activity, important recommendations were delivered For all drivers:

Vehicle or motorcycle inspection: Before setting off on a trip, make sure your vehicle is in optimal condition.

Active breaks: Take regular breaks during the ride to avoid fatigue.

Avoid the consumption of alcohol and hallucinogenic substances: Always drive sober.

Previous rest: Rest at least eight hours before the trip and, if possible, try to be accompanied.

Safe driving: Avoid dangerous maneuvers and do not overtake on curves.

The campaign aims to make both residents and tourists feel safe and calm. while enjoying the June festivities. The National Police reiterates its commitment to be available 24 hours a day through emergency lines 123, #767, and 165 for any eventuality.

This initiative seeks to strengthen inter-institutional work and guarantee safe mobility during one of the most celebrated periods of the year in the department of Huila.

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