Tribute to the Jujeño gaucho on the fourth day of “Estación Fiesta”

The “Jorge Accame” Cultural Center in the 12 de Octubre neighborhood was the scene of a new day of “Fiesta Station” in which older adults from that sector participated who, through traditional Argentine dances, paid tribute to the Jujeño gaucho. The proposal, organized by Estación Saludable, dependent on the Human Development Secretariat of the Municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy, constituted at the same time a space for meeting and reflection on the appropriate treatment of older adults.

As defined by those responsible for Estación Saludable, the movement, which had notable participation from neighbors and dance academies, created a space for adults and seniors from the 12 de Octubre neighborhood to meet.

On the occasion, the Secretary of Human Development, Rodrigo Altea, thanked the willingness and collaboration of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the capital commune, and those responsible for the neighborhood’s cultural space. Based on the coordination of tasks, the official commented, “we continue working and closing a very intense week where all the teams linked to older adults have been working in a meeting and reflection place on the appropriate treatment of older adults.”

Regarding the latter, he ratified the policy defined by the municipality regarding the protection and awareness of the rights of older adults. “This is an issue that concerns us all as citizens, and that also has an intense implementation and great work of the Deliberative Council that approved an ordinance that compels us to train and learn about the subject,” mentioned the secretary.

In turn, the coordinator of Healthy Habits for Adults and Seniors of the municipality, Sergio Armata, alluded to the importance of the Fiesta Station which, as is public knowledge, takes place both at the Healthy Station and in different spaces in the city. Regarding this, he noted, “we are carrying out the fourth day of Fiesta Station which is intended for adults and older adults, and on this occasion we are paying tribute to the Jujeño gaucho through a folkloric event where several institutions and academies have come together. guests who are showing everything that their dance is.”

On the other hand, he invited the community to participate in a rhythmic movement that will take place next Friday, June 28, from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m., in the brand new Multiespacio in the Mariano Moreno neighborhood. He specified that on this occasion a Newcom day is also planned, all with free admission.

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