Who are the candidates for governor of the Metropolitan Region?

Who are the candidates for governor of the Metropolitan Region?
Who are the candidates for governor of the Metropolitan Region?

Find out the list of confirmed and possible names and who dropped out of the UDI, ahead of the October votes.

By Nelson Martinez

06/16/2024 – 1:15 p.m. CLT

© Aton.Candidates for Regional Governor in the RM.

He next October 27 general elections will be held in Chile, where new candidates will be voted mayors, cores, councilors and also for regional governor. Regarding the latter, there are already candidates in the Metropolitan Region.

And the race for the Regional Government in the capital of Chile already began months ago, where Claudio Orrego He will seek re-election, after operating as the current owner of the chair in the RM.

The political pacts They have until July 29 to register their candidateswhere many already appear as safe names and others are seeking to reach an agreement in their bloc to be in the October election.

Who are the candidates for regional governor in the Metropolitan Region?

Although the applications may change until the registration deadline, now we will tell you what the names that have already announced to be part of the Regional Government ballots of the Metropolitan Region:

  • Claudio Orrego (IND- Official Party): Former DC. He was mayor of Peñalolén between 2004-2008 and presidential candidate in 2013. In 2014 he served as mayor of Santiago and He is the current Regional Governor of the RM.
Claudio Orrego. Photo: Aton.
  • Rosa Oyarce (RN): former Seremi de Salud of Sebastián Piñera in two periods.
  • Barbara Figueroa or Gloria Jara (PC): Both candidates are in the Communist Party.
    • Figueroa is general secretary of the pact and was part of the first group of drafters of the Constitutional Convention.
    • For its part, Gloria Jara is National Director of the National Association of Officials of the Ministry of Education (Andime).
  • Gabriel Alemparte (Democrats): He is one of the vice presidents of the party founded in 2022.
  • Macarena Santelices (Republican Party): former mayor of Olmué and former minister of women of Sebastián Piñera.
Macarena Santelices. Photo: Aton.
  • Nathalie Joignant (FVRS): teacher, socio-environmentalist, feminist and ecofeminist. She will represent the Social Green Regionalist Federation.

Candidates such as Rodrigo Logan (Social Christian Party) and Elizabeth Rodriguez (IDP)which have been heard in the electoral political environment.

Recently Isable Pla lowered her candidacy, former Minister of Women and UDI activist.

The now former candidate pointed out that “I think it is very important that it be clear that the decision to define candidates for the regional governors It has to have a very important component of responsibility, unity and generosity.”

“Us We are taking this first step in the UDI because we are sure that it is necessary,” he concluded.


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