Soledad Sports Units, with nighttime activity due to high temperatures – El Sol de San Luis

Soledad Sports Units, with nighttime activity due to high temperatures – El Sol de San Luis
Soledad Sports Units, with nighttime activity due to high temperatures – El Sol de San Luis

The sports units of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez have experienced a notable 50% increase in participation in nighttime sports activities. This phenomenon is due to the recent heat waves that have affected the region, causing citizens to look for fresher alternatives to stay active and healthy.

With daytime temperatures reaching up to 40 degrees Celsius on the Sun, residents of Soledad by Graciano Sánchez They have found a refuge at night to continue with their exercise routines.

The city’s sports units, such as the San Luis Sports Unit and the 21 de Marzo Sports Unit, have extended their hours and improved the lighting of their facilities to accommodate the growing demand.

Omar Esquivel Montoya, Sports Director of the municipality, commented that “We have seen a significant increase in the number of people using our facilities at night. The extreme heat of the day is leading athletes to prefer training after sunset. To support this trend, we have increased security and improved lighting in all our sports units,” he mentioned.

Among the most popular activities during these times are football, basketball and running.

María González, a regular at the classes zumba, expressed: “Night is the best time to exercise now. The climate is much more pleasant and you feel more energy in the environment.”

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The heat waves, which according to meteorologists could continue during the coming months, have caused municipal authorities to consider implementing more measures to promote night sports. In addition to improving infrastructure, nightly events and tournaments are being organized to maintain interest and promote physical activity.

Likewise, Esquivel Montoya highlighted the risks of exercising in extreme heat conditions.

Exercising in high temperatures can lead to dehydration and heat stroke, which are extremely dangerous. “It is very positive that the community is choosing to train at safer times.”

The response from the community has been very positive, and many families are adopting these new nighttime routines as a way to live together and stay active together.

“The heat waves have transformed the sports routine of the inhabitants of Soledad de Graciano Sánchez, leading to a notable increase in participation in nighttime activities in sports units. “This trend not only promotes a healthy lifestyle, but also strengthens community cohesion, demonstrating that with appropriate adaptations, it is possible to maintain physical activity even in adverse weather conditions.”

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