In the citizens’ game: there will be road closures in Bogotá and Cundinamarca due to an important event

In the citizens’ game: there will be road closures in Bogotá and Cundinamarca due to an important event
In the citizens’ game: there will be road closures in Bogotá and Cundinamarca due to an important event

The Tour of Colombiaone of the most prestigious competitions in the latin american cycling, celebrates its 74th edition this year. Known for its demanding route and vibrant atmosphere, this race brings together the best cyclists in the country and the continent, becoming an event eagerly awaited by both athletes and fans.

The route covers nearly 1,500 kilometers, crossing various regions of the country. From the altitudes of the Andes to the warm lands of the Caribbean, the route challenges cyclists with varied weather and topographic conditions. The competition includes high mountain stages, time trial and urban circuitsproviding a complete spectacle of the skills and stamina of the participants.

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The Tour of Colombia 2024 It has the participation of national and international teams. Prominent figures of Colombian cycling who are on the list of possible competitors, increasing excitement and expectations. In addition, continental teams from neighboring countries have also confirmed their participation, providing an additional level of competitiveness.

The Colombian public, known for its passion for cycling, turns out en masse to support the runners. Throughout the stages, thousands of fans fill the streets, creating a festive atmosphere and unconditional support. The cities and towns that are part of the tour prepare in advance to receive the teams and fans, generating an important economic benefit and promoting local tourism.

Road closures for the Tour of Colombia

Stage 3 – June 17

Route: Cota – Siberia – El Rosal – Alto del Vino – La Vega – Villeta – Guaduas – Honda – Mariquita – 168.6 kilometers

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Stage 4 – June 18

Route: Mariquita – Falan Crossing – Guayabal Armero – Lebanon – Murillo – Alto de Letras – 143.4 kilometers

Stage 5 – June 19

Route: Manizales (through the Violetas) – Chinchiná – Santa Rosa de Cabal Variant – Dosquebradas – Pollo Variant – Cerrito – Cartago – Zaragoza – Obando – Zarzal – La Paila – Bugalagrande – Tuluá Variant – San Pedro – San Carlos – Buga – 195.6 kilometres

Stage 6 – June 20

Route: Buga – San Carlos – San Pedro – Variante Tuluá – Bugalagrande – La Paila – Zarzal – Obando – Zaragoza – Cartago – Cerrito – La Virginia – Cruce Balboa – Sanctuary – Apía – 173.3 kilometers

Stage 7 – June 21

Route: Pereira – Cartago – Zaragoza – Las Cruces – Return – Cartago – Cerrito – La Virginia – Viterbo – Belén de Umbría Crossing – Anserma – Quinchía Crossing – Guástica – Riosucio – 155.3 kilometers

Stage 8 – June 22

Route: Supía – La Felisa Crossing – Marmato Crossing – La Pintada – Puente Iglesias – Return PR 21 –– La Pintada – Santa Barbara – Versalles – Alto de Minas – 144.3 kilometers

Stage 9 – June 23

Route: Individual Time Trial – Departure: Medellín at the EPM Smart Building – Arrival at Alto de Las Palmas – 17.3 kilometers

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