Three giants to dominate Europe › Sports › Granma

Three giants to dominate Europe › Sports › Granma
Three giants to dominate Europe › Sports › Granma

Euro 2024 is already taking place in the main venues in Germany, and three powers stand out among 24 contenders as the main candidates to lift the trophy, on July 14, in the Olympic stadium in Berlin.

France, Spain and the host team are the trio of teams that are one step above four other teams (Italy, England, Portugal and the Netherlands) that also have a poster to command football on that continent.

France is the big favorite, as has happened in the three previous competitions –two World Cups–. The Gauls are a compact team, capable of making up for any absence and maintaining the level. Even if their main reference, Kylian Mbappé, were injured, they have elements to preserve their power in attack.

The strongest point is their midfield, since both starters and substitutes have great physical condition to dominate the midfield, and retain the ball in search of generating scoring opportunities. Its cracks are few, they are barely noticeable on the grass.

Spain, in silence, has regained its vigor, although many do not want to see it. The generational change has arrived, and new names have given an air of confidence to their supporters. With coach Luis de la Fuente they have stopped playing “Tiki Taka” to be more vertical and take advantage of the spaces, both in the center and on the wings.

Pedri and Rodri may be the best midfielder pairing at the national team level, and not only in Europe. The teenager Lamine Yamal (16 years old) continues to grow in football, and is capable of putting the most seasoned defender in trouble, with his speed and skill.

Silently, the Red Fury can conquer Europe.

Germany did not have its best years in recent tournaments, but playing the Euro at home is a “plus” that can return them to the top positions. Several of his players had a great campaign with their clubs. If that level is in the national team and they are able to adapt it to their collective machinery, they will be invincible.

The most interesting thing about the set is that it displays several styles.


Hungary 1-3 Switzerland

Spain 3-0 Croatia

Italy 2-1 Albania

Poland 1-2 Netherlands

Slovenia 1-1 Denmark

Serbia 0-1 England





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