Marina Calabro and an uncomfortable moment with Rolando Barbano: failed dedication and… tears?

This Sunday night The Martín Fierro de Radio Awards were held, an event that left numerous pearls among people in the media world. Thus, attention was focused on the relationship between Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbanowho They were in a relationship for a few monthsbut in recent weeks there have been problems and they separated.

The distance between Marina Calabro and Rolando Barbano was marked last night, in the Martín Fierro from Radiowhen both journalists won in their categoriesbut He didn’t dedicate his award to her when he went on stage. after She defined him as the “love of my life” ahead of all the guests.

Marina Calabro’s speech on Radio’s Martín Fierro: “yes, to you Rolando”

Marina Calabro consecrated herself as best Entertainment Columnist at Martín Fierro Radioas part of the team «Lanata without filter» by Radio Miter. Once on stage, The journalist dedicated her award to Rolando Barbanohis ex-partner, but the message was not reciprocated.

“I know I want to dedicate to Jorge Lanata, which is being restored, which allows me to work freely for nine seasons. TO all my companions, to that beautiful tableNegrita Verón, Andrea Rodríguez… a Roland» he dedicated, laughing. And he concluded: «I want to share it and dedicate it with my love…yes, to you, Rolando (Barbano)«.

Rolando Barbano’s speech, ignoring Marina Calabro

However, a few shortlists later, Rolando Barbano won the award to best Police Columnist at Martín Fierro de Radiobut journalist ignored Marina Calabro’s dedication and he didn’t mention her in his speech.

“For me it is very important at this moment receive this award with my son Rocco, to whom I dedicate it. I dedicate it to my daughter Nina, who is at home; to my old dear, who is surely looking at me; to my mother, my sister, my friends, and the people of 271“, said, totally ignoring Marina Calabrowho was watching him attentively from his table.

The lack of mention of Marina Calabro gender a general boo for Rolando Barbano by the public, who expected a mention for the journalist. Witnesses claim that the uncomfortable moment of the panelists of “Lanata without a filter” gender the columnist’s tearsafter the important event.

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