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Camagüey, Cuba.- In this province, the flattest and most extensive in the country, there are many potentials to produce food, fertile lands, and good seeds guaranteed with the use of science; But, the areas are hardly exploited, most of them taken over by the marabou.

However, there are farms and experiences of provincial and national reference, although unfortunately they are exceptions.

For example, why don’t the good practices of the brothers Alexander and Alain Gil González, from the Credit and Services Cooperative (CCS), Sabino Pupo in the municipality of Vertientes, become generalized and become the rule?

Three years ago, brothers Alain and Alexander, on a livestock farm, started the local development project Los Cerditos; But in January of this year, they abandoned breeding for planting, and began a new endeavor, planting five caballerias of bananas.

“The plans have grown, and we intend to complete between seven and eight caballerías before the end of August, with the use of vitroplants, and an extra-dense system, which guarantees better growth of the plantations and higher yields.

“The immediate tasks are also to intercrop crops, to make better use of the land, and to plant beans; In addition, we have half a caballeria of cassava, and the same area of ​​sweet potato. “We work with adapted implements, as an alternative to the lack of herbicides, and thus we also save.”

The old cattle farm of brothers Alexander and Alain Gil, converted into the local development project, Los Cerditos, is diversified.

“Actually, the previous experience was pig farming, but since the pig plan is a little deteriorated, we decided to venture into the other agricultural branch, and grow bananas, which do not need many technological requirements, are not very expensive to maintain, and should give us good fruits.

“We raise pigs, but also rams, and cattle. In addition to agricultural production, we have a social responsibility to fulfill, with the contribution to the Homes for the Elderly and for pregnant women; and we care for children with specific illnesses, monthly we allocate a sum to support them and we contribute to the community.”

As the troubadour poet says, Only love turns mud into a miracle.

Also significant are the productive results of Albérico Cervantes Cervantes, on the La Victoria farm, of the Basic Unit of Cooperative Production (UBPC), Guasimal, in the municipality of Carlos Manuel de Céspedes.

“Here we have four and a half caballerias of various crops, of which two are rice and the rest are bananas and cassava, priority areas for the country.”

At the La Victoria farm, the diversification program is advancing, without neglecting the state livestock mandate.

“We have 170 cows in milking; and in the fattening of bulls, 300 heads; “more than one hundred and twenty pigs, mainly dark-coated, and more than 200 rams.”

Albérico is an advanced producer. “We closed the year with one hundred and 80 thousand liters of milk, and by 2024, we aim to reach 240 thousand; Currently we collect a daily average of 620 liters; And in addition, we work to increase food production and support the people.

“In December 2023, we finished a new dairy house to improve livestock production, conditions for breeding and cattle reproduction; and humanize the work of the workers.

“These results require proper management of the animals, which cannot lack water and food; and they carry a lot of sacrifice; But you can achieve anything a man sets his mind to.

“We ranchers are good, and we have to be the same in the agricultural part, the example is here, Yes we can.”

The results of the brothers Alexander and Alain Gil González, and the rancher Albérico Cervantes Cervantes, raise the question, why can they do it to us, and others can’t? Let the exceptions become the rule.

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