CÓRDOBA CITY COUNCIL | The PSOE describes the environmental management of the Bellido government as “null”

CÓRDOBA CITY COUNCIL | The PSOE describes the environmental management of the Bellido government as “null”
CÓRDOBA CITY COUNCIL | The PSOE describes the environmental management of the Bellido government as “null”

The PSOE describes as “null” the environmental management of the municipal government of CórdobaCORDOVA

The concilor socialist in the Córdoba City Council Joaquin Dobladez has described this Monday as “null” environmental management of the municipal government of PP, as well as his work to “mitigate the effects of climate change.”

In a press conference to review the aforementioned matter of municipal management, Dobladez criticized that such a situation constitutes a “ballast” in the city’s aspiration to be the European Green Capital, something that, from the socialist group, is considered “a chance“Let’s hope that the management of this government does not turn it into a lost opportunity.”

Joaquín Dobladez has been covering the aspects that, in the opinion of the socialist group, are fundamental for good environmental management of the city, such as sustainable mobility, the areas of low emissionsthe plans shade and trees or the care of natural heritage, which has been described as “deficient.”

Low emission zones

Thus, the socialist councilor has referred to low-emission zones, which has pointed out the lack of knowledge of the result of the audit commissioned in November 2022 on this matter. Thus, from their point of view, “the current declared low emissions zone does not contribute to the objectives of the state law.” He has also criticized the lack of convening of the government team to negotiate the recovery of public bicycle service and criticized that lost 1 million euros Edusi funds for the construction of bicycle lanes having left the planned one on Manolete Avenue uncarried out.

Shade and tree policy

Joaquín Dobladez has also criticized that the plan to provide shade for schools has not been implemented, since of the 75 planned schools, only one and five years have been implemented to have a tree plan. and he has reproached that the current government team has taken

In this regard, the head of infrastructure of the government team, Miguel Ruiz Madruga, has indicated that it has been the PP that has increased in 1,250,000 square meters of wooded area in the city and that between November and March they have been planted 1,325 treesin addition to the second phase of Levante Park in which they have placed 1,800 trees.

Refering to shadow of schools has indicated that although it is true that only one has been installed, the others are already under contract and will be undertaken.

Malmuerta School

On the other hand, the PSOE has criticized the “late payment” of the Córdoba City Council and that “affects the functioning of schools. The example set by the socialist councilor Elena Bernahe is from school Malmuerta Towerthat carries two weeks without an elevator, causing accessibility problems”, which is an example of the delay in resolving the damage by the City Council.

In this regard, Ruiz Madruga has responded that it is true that numerous reforms and partial arrangements must be made in schools and that the government team is committed to resolving them.

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