US officials investigate strange death of one of their men in a hotel in Laureles, Medellín

For the past 15 days, United States authorities have been asked about an investigation that has as its epicenter a hotel in the exclusive Laureles sector, in Medellín.

According to the criteria of

This is the death of an American citizen, 54 years old, who was found in the room of a short-rent lodging, located in the San Joaquín neighborhood.

Wrapped in a sheet, half naked

There are already at least 27 cases of non-migrant foreigners who have died in Medellín so far in 2024,


The incident was reported at 7:14 p.m. on Friday, May 31, when an employee reported to the Police the discovery of a body wrapped in a sheet and semi-naked.

The victim was identified as Jaime Eduardo Cisneros, who was on vacation in that city.

EL TIEMPO investigated and established that in addition to being a US citizen, the interest in the case lies in the fact that Cisneros – a graduate of the University of Phoenix (Arizona) – was an active agent of the United States border patrol.

I was in charge of monitoring a checkpoint in the border area of ​​El Paso (Texas) where they detect and detain thousands of undocumented immigrants, smugglers and illegal goods.

Women, cameras and theft

Jaime Eduardo Cisneros was a member of the Border Patrol. from USA

Photo:Twitter: Border Patrol / Private file

In addition to investigating the issue, his case was spread among members of his country’s diplomatic corps.

He was passionate about old cars, traveling, dancing and listening to good music with his many friends (…) he is survived by two children, two brothers and his wife”says the obituary that has circulated.

One of the clues to clarify the case are security videos where the foreigner’s entry into the hotel, on the night of May 30, with a woman, was recorded.

Administrative personnel report that the foreigner, at 00:00 a.m., entered with a woman, who left at 4:00 a.m.” says the police report. Hours later, the receptionist received messages on WhatsApp asking questions about the guest’s credit cards. This caught his attention, he went to Cisneros’ room and found him without vital signs.

Arriving, The authorities did not find the cell phone or valuable items. His suitcase was in disarray and his wallet was empty.

The photocopy

“(The necropsy) is being studied, but with a preliminary opinion of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.”

Researchers They have in their possession a copy of the ID that the woman presented to enter the place and are seeking to establish or rule out the connection with a migrant trafficking network.

Cisneros’ body has already been transferred to the United States and on June 20 his funeral will be held in Angel Evergreen East Funeral Home, El Paso, Texas.

A source in Colombia indicates that they are waiting for the autopsy: “It is under study, but with a preliminary opinion of acute hemorrhagic pancreatitis.”

It is suspected that he could having ingested some substance and that there are other victims of a gang that attracts foreigners through networks.


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