Ticket announces resumption of the “Waiting List” service

The Cuban online reservation platform, Ticket, announced the resumption of the services of the “Travel Company Waiting List.”

In a Facebook note, from the official page they recalled some of the details that must be taken into account for this Waiting List service, in the Havana terminals.


  • The service is for the WAITING LIST that is carried out in person today. No tickets will be sold.
  • The service does not have a waiting room, a Ticket is assigned with the number you occupy on the WAITING LIST.
  • The operation of the service does not change; if an unscheduled bus requests capacity, it can empty the waiting list.
  • The service will have a price of 10.00 CUP (only for users who decide to sign up from their ticket account). It continues to be free for users who wish to register in person at the Terminal.

Likewise, they reported that the waiting list can be monitored through the following links:

Villanueva Terminal, Havana:


The terminal of 26 and Zoo, Havana


Terminal La Coubre, Havana


Ticket clarifications to Cuban users

The well-known reservation platform in Cuba has provided some details to its clients.

  • These lists are updated by terminal officials; Ticket does not handle such information.
  • The other provinces will be integrated gradually.
  • Through the links, users can view the waiting list in real time; when their number is close, they must go to the terminal.
  • When the system tells you that “you have already booked” it means that you already have a number on the waiting list.

“Very good, I have already used it several times and just saving you the trip to sign up is an advance,” commented one user.

“We propose, and I hope what I am writing to you is not new, to do this as quickly as humanly possible in the other terminals to make this very sensitive issue transparent,” asked another Cuban.

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