Baby died in Riohacha from a stray bullet fired by an alleged drunk

Baby died in Riohacha from a stray bullet fired by an alleged drunk
Baby died in Riohacha from a stray bullet fired by an alleged drunk

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Jun 17, 2024 – 11:59 am

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On a farm located in the Cotoprix district, rural area of ​​Riohacha, in La Guajira, a tragic event occurred that shocked the entire community with the death of a three-month-old baby who died after being hit by a firearm. The events were recorded last Sunday, June 16.

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According to the information provided by the victim’s relatives to the authorities, a man in an apparent state of intoxication, a neighbor of the girl’s family, was chasing a chicken, trying to kill it. In the midst of the harassment, one of the shots hit the victim, who died immediately.

“A man came to the farm looking for a chicken. After observing the bird, he shot it, without realizing that a few meters from the place the minor was asleep in a hammock. The shot hit the minor, causing a wound that caused her death,” the authorities indicated.

When the unfortunate event occurred, the person responsible for the homicide fled the scene in a car in an unknown direction. This subject has already been identified by the authorities of La Guajira, who are already working on his location to find his capture and prosecution.

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In order to clarify the facts, the uniformed officers They asked citizens to contribute timely information to the investigation, indicating that their identity will be respected. People can contact the emergency line 123.

The removal of the body was carried out by the Sijín judicial investigation section. The baby’s body was sent to Forensic Medicine.

This fact was rejected and lamented by Genaro Redondo, district mayor of Riohacha, on his social network of X. “How sad as a father and on a day like today, to receive this news. I am sorry for the tragic death of a 3-month-old girl. To her parents and relatives my complete solidarity. As a society we must reconsider the way we behave. It is unacceptable that these acts of intolerance end the lives of innocent beings. “We can’t go on like this,” she wrote.

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In addition, the mayor called on the authorities to act quickly to clarify what happened because “The pain of the entire city demands results as soon as possible”.

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