More water! Possible rainfall is forecast for the La Serena and Coquimbo conurbation

After the recent passage of the atmospheric river that impacted the conurbation and the entire region during last Thursday and Friday, new rainfall is forecast for this Friday, according to the Windy weather application.

The previous climatic event left high figures of water fall, even reaching 140 millimeters in areas such as El Palqui. Now, a new severe weather front is expected to hit the region this week, with two distinct fronts forecast.

The first of these fronts could reach the southern part of the region this Tuesday, leaving possible weak rainfall in areas such as Illapel, Salamanca, Los Vilos and Pichidangui. This front will be concentrated more in the central-southern area of ​​the country.

However, on Friday the arrival of a larger front is expected to affect the region, including the conurbation of La Serena and Coquimbo. According to Windy, this second front could leave more intense rains, particularly in the Ovalle area.

The population is recommended to pay attention to weather reports and take the necessary precautions to avoid inconveniences.


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