The Municipality and DIPEC presented a survey on the perception of tourist activity in the city

The Municipality and DIPEC presented a survey on the perception of tourist activity in the city
The Municipality and DIPEC presented a survey on the perception of tourist activity in the city

Authorities of the municipality of San Salvador de Jujuy, through the Directorate of Tourism, and the Provincial Directorate of Statistics and Census (DIPEC) presented the perception survey of residents of the capital regarding local tourist activity. The proposal has the objective of investigating the degree of knowledge that the capital’s citizen has about tourist activities for the subsequent decision-making that favors the development of the activity.

The presentation was led by Mayor Raúl “Chuli” Jorge, the municipal Secretary of Culture and Tourism, Luciano Córdoba, the Director of Tourism, Gabriela Canoniero, and the head of DIPEC, Norma Liliana del Valle Pereyra Rodríguez, who shared relevant aspects of the proposal called “Your opinion matters to us, participate in the citizen perception survey for tourist activity.”

In the first instance, Gabriela Canoniero, director of Tourism, specified that the survey to be carried out this year is part of a task developed together with the provincial statistical agency, which has as its immediate precedent a diagnosis carried out in 2016. “We are in the framework of the city’s Tourism Development Plan and it seemed important to us to know what citizens think about tourism for subsequent decision-making,” he mentioned, and then highlighted the decision of the commune and the provincial statistical agency to develop a joint task .

Regarding the characteristics of the survey, which will be anonymous, he specified that, “the surveyors are going to be on the street, and in different parts of the city from Tuesday, June 18, so we invite residents to, if “If you see the QR code, give us your opinion so that we can, more than anything, work from data that is very important.”

For her part, the director of DIPEC, Norma del Valle Pereyra Rodríguez, commented that said organization has national and international endorsements to carry out the work contemplated in the aforementioned agreement. In this regard, he explained that, “in this specific case, it was agreed to create a form whose questions were developed by the Tourism Department, and the only thing we did was the upload program, putting them in the system with the QR code that we share with the municipality.”

He explained that this survey “will be available in all important places in the municipality and on the DIPEC website.” At the same time, he specified that, “we start from a sample of 500 respondents and from that we will continue moving forward; “DIPEC did the sampling according to the population density of each of the sectors.”

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