What is the condition of the man hit by the boy who stole his father’s car, in Centenario

A 37 year old man was run over this Monday by a 16-year-old teenager who had stolen his father’s car, in Centennial. After fleeing, the young man turned himself in to the authorities and assured that had circulated without authorization. How is the injured adult doing?

As confirmed by health sources, the patient remains hospitalized in therapy in the Castro Rendón hospital in Neuquén capital. He is on mechanical ventilation and remains “stabilized.” Furthermore, it was specified that He has kidney trauma and a fracture.

The man had undergone surgery this morning, after be urgently transferred from Centenario.

A man was run over by a boy who stole his father’s car in Centenario: what the event was like

The incident occurred this morning, minutes after 7 in the morningwhen it was still dark.

The victim was hit completely by a Chevrolet Cruze while crossing Honduras Street, a few meters from Santo Domingo, in the Plaza Los Pioneros area of ​​the Villa Obrera neighborhood. She was later transferred to the Castro Rendón hospital.

As explained by Commissioner Damián Jorquera, Witnesses saw the driver flee immediately after the accident, leaving the man seriously injured at the scene.

«The incident occurred after 7 in the morning. It all happened when a Chevrolet Cruce was driving along Honduras Street, almost reaching Santo Domingo—at the height of pedestrian 9— and a pedestrian tried to cross the street. “The man hit by the vehicle was left lying down and the motorist did not stop.”said Jorquera.

Neighbors and merchants in the area provided first aid and alerted the Natalio Burd hospital and the agents of Precinct 52. After receiving the first assistance, The victim was taken unconscious and urgently to Castro Rendón in Neuquén, where his condition worsened.

Hours after the accident, at approximately 9:30, the owner of the Chevrolet Cruze showed up at the Transit police station in Villa Obrera. He was accompanied by his son, who admitted to being the driver at the time of the incident.

The father alleged that the 16-year-old had taken the vehicle without his permission. The car had significant damage to the grille and hood, and the windshield was broken due to the impact. Jorquera indicated that the incident was recorded by surveillance cameras and that they would be fundamental material for the investigation to be carried out by the Neuquén Public Prosecutor’s Office.

On the other hand, the Chevrolet Cruze was seized and placed at the disposal of Justice for the development of the expertise of the Road Accidentology personnel to help clarify the facts.

Carlos Gómez, from the Juvenile Crimes Prosecutor’s Unit, is in charge of the investigation and the teenager has already been notified of the procedures and investigations against him.

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