In Antioquia they are looking for teachers to appoint provisionally


The applicant must not be provisionally appointed in a definitive vacancy or in a permanent position in any of the positions of the special administrative career system, director, teacher or teacher.

Applicants who are registered in the Master System must update their documents, in accordance with the new weighting criteria.

Vacancies are available in the following Antioquia municipalities: rontino, Vigia Del Fuerte, San José De La Montaña, Nechí, Arboletes, Betania, Chigorodó, Murindó, Caucasia, Venecia, Segovia, Sabanalarga, Anorí and Angostura.

The educators needed would be in the following areas: Primary, Technology and computing, Mathematics, Social sciences, Humanities and Spanish language, Natural sciences chemistry, Humanities and Spanish language, Natural sciences and environmental education, Artistic education – music, Natural sciences chemistry and Natural sciences physics.


They also offer vacancies in the Departments from Nariño, Magdalena, Arauca and Boyacá

Verify that your professional title is qualified in the area of ​​your interest, consult Resolution No. 3842 of 2022 and/or regulation that modifies or replaces it.

If your degree is qualified to teach in Colombia, enter the Master System through the following link

If the applicant is not registered in the Master System, they must do so in the “Log in” option and then in the “User registration” option and complete the form, filling out all the data requested by the system at each of the points. of the form. It is specified that registration in the Master System is carried out only once.

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