Pain in the networks due to the death of a woman on Route 7 after colliding with a truck

Deep sadness in the region due to the death of a woman in an accident on the provincial route 7in Saint Patrick of Chañar. The victim was a mother, she was 30 years old and was from Río Negro.

The crash that shocked the province occurred on Saturday night between Stings 2 and 3, but it was only in the early hours of Sunday morning that the tragic outcome became known. For reasons that are still being investigated, the woman who was traveling on board his Ford Ka black man lost control of the vehicle and collided head-on with a truck while crossing lanes.

Although health personnel intervened at the scene, they could not save his life, since the young woman died on the spot. For his part, the driver of the Fiat Iveco 440 with a semi-trailer, a 44 year old manturned out unscathed and the authorities performed a breathalyzer test on him, the result of which was negative.

The fatal victim was identified as Marcela Torresa 30 year old womanmother of two kids and native of Villa Manzanoprovince of Río Negro.

Marcela was fired on the networks:


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