He blackmailed his exes with intimate videos

He blackmailed his exes with intimate videos
He blackmailed his exes with intimate videos

A man who extorted his ex-wife by releasing sexual photos and videos was arrested at his home in the town of La Banda, in Santiago del Estero.

The “gigolo”, surnamed Ruiz, had been reported on April 23 by the victim, a teacher from the El Paraíso neighborhood with whom he had a romantic relationship, and who, in addition to “taking” money from her, threatened to make the intimate videos public. that had been sent during the relationship.

According to the El Liberal newspaper portal, the woman appeared before the Police and confessed that she met the subject in October 2023 through the social network Facebook and from that moment on they began a courtship to live together in the first days of December.

The defendant asked him to lend him $1 million to buy merchandise and then sell it. Ruiz told him that with the profits he would repay the transaction amount.

The teacher accepted and lent him the amount. The man bought everything for the business that he was going to open on Pedro León Gallo Street — in La Banda — and until that moment everything was going well.

In February, when they had to start paying the loan, Ruiz did not give him money and made him a transfer of $285,000. “It’s the only money I have,” he apologized.

In April she became ill and was hospitalized. After being discharged, she returned to her house and her boyfriend again asked for cash, which she refused. “I’m already sick of this situation because with you I’m losing money, I’m going to melt down with you if I stay here,” responded the now detained man, who left the property for a few hours.

The teacher became suspicious and checked her partner’s cell phone where she found intimate videos that she shared with him when they were getting to know each other and during their relationship. In addition, there were sexual films of other women.

When the victim asked him to delete the material, the man refused and threatened her: “No, I am not going to delete them because this is a letter that I have up my sleeve, when any woman, including you, makes a problem of me, I will upload them.” to the networks, so stop messing around, I’m not going to give you your money back.

Given Ruiz’s warning, the woman filed a complaint and the Justice Department ordered a search. The police seized the device and other technological devices.

Upon examining the seized items, the investigators discovered that the accused had 30 GB of memory with homemade sexual videos and others from pornographic sites, which is why Judge Pedro Ibáñez, due to the investigation, requested his immediate arrest.

In this sense, the Control and Guarantee Justice ordered agents from the Investigations Directorate to raid a house in the 750 neighborhood in Capital City (where his wife resides, from whom he was de facto separated) and he was captured.

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