The air ticket to Buenos Aires costs twice as much compared to Tucumán

The air ticket to Buenos Aires costs twice as much compared to Tucumán
The air ticket to Buenos Aires costs twice as much compared to Tucumán

June 18, 2024 – 00:02

The plane ticket for the Catamarca-Buenos Aires route (round trip) costs double the rate for a neighboring province like Tucumán. Events such as another XXL weekend, winter holidays and the Poncho Festival are approaching. However, the price of air transportation closes the door to the arrival of tourists who have other economic possibilities to travel or who have time limitations and prefer to use the plane as a means of transportation.

In a purchase simulation through the Aerolíneas Argentinas web portal, it is found that the ticket for a passenger who wanted to travel from Catamarca to Buenos Aires from June 16 to next Thursday, June 20 must pay $429,085 per person. For the same date, but with the Tucumán-Buenos Aires route (round trip), the cost to be paid per passenger is $231,659. This means that there is a difference of $197,426 for the Catamarca user, 85% more compared to another inhabitant of northern Argentina.

Ancasti has been raising the problem of the high cost of air transport for two years and there has not yet been a definitive answer to the problem. The differences in values, compared to other provinces, continue to be surprising and by not having a low-cost alternative, Catamarca becomes one of the most expensive places in the NOA.

The outlook is even more discouraging if you consider that traveling from Buenos Aires to Bariloche is even cheaper than traveling to Catamarca. The ticket for the same date (June 16 to 20) costs $347,466 to reach the tourism mecca in the south of the country, that is, $83,000 less than choosing Catamarca as a place.


The last long weekend, in April of this year, the Chamber that brings together the Tourism Agencies raised the need to correct these asymmetries.

“We are affected, in Catamarca we have the most expensive flights in the north and on top of that they are less frequent,” said Cristian Fernández, president of the Chamber of Tourism Agencies.

“We have ten weekly frequencies and for example Salta has 49 weekly plus the low cost ones; Tucumán has 31 weekly flights and the price is different,” he said. He added that due to the low frequency, costs become more expensive due to logistics and this threatens the arrival of those who want to know and tour Catamarca.n


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