Menem announced that he would drop and be armed in Córdoba when the Bases bustle passes

By Bettina Marengo

Martín Menem warned that he will go down to Córdoba and tour this and other provinces after the definitive sanction of the Bases law and other initiatives that interest the ruling party in the Chamber of Deputies, such as those linked to tax spending, with the idea of ​​putting something together. proper for next year’s midterm elections. The intention is that Javier Milei’s votes do not depend on the structure of the PRO or the UCR or Senator Luis Juez, who is already in his third meeting in Olivos with the president but without photos for the IG. In this framework, the figure of deputy Gabriel Bornoroni, today crossed by his responsibilities as head of the La Libertad Avanza bloc in Deputies, will be Menem’s reference in these lands. Who says Martin Menem, says Karina Milei and Lule Menem, who make up one of the most important poles of power in the libertarian scheme.

The particular interest of the president of the lower house in the district that gave the best electoral results in the country to Javier Milei in last year’s runoff was one of the subtopics of the aforementioned “management meeting” that the Rioja native held last week. with five people from Córdoba: four of the six mayors of the so-called G6 of the Colón department and the national deputy of the mileista UCR Luis Picat, factotum of the meeting. The former mayor of Jesús María, who entered the chamber on Patricia Bullrich’s list in Together for Change, has been cultivating a good relationship with Menem and today seems closer to the libertarians than to the radical bloc led by Rodrigo, also from Cordoba. from Loredo.

Pablo Cornet, PRO of Villa Allende, Fernando Rambaldi, Vecinalista of La Calera, Adela Arning, PRO of Mendiolaza and Federico Zárate, radical of Jesús María gave the present at the meeting, more or less the same ones who a few weeks ago went to see Bullrich to talk about security in a libertarian key.

The place where Menem went looking is not a coincidence. Llaryora continues to pass the sieve among extra-partisans with projection to put together his Córdoba party and he called Zárate. Menem presented them at moments where the PRO defines its place in the world in the times of Milei, whether it joins La Libertad Avanza as Bullrich wants or remains a friendly ally as Mauricio Macri intends, and with the UCR divided between mileistas like Picat , critics like Senator Martín Lousteau, and those in the middle like De Loredo, who was left in the “populist” zone due to the half-sanction of the new retirement mobility. All nuances that may not hold up when electoral times get tougher.

The mayors of Cordoba told Menem about the “non-urbanized” management model that they claim they embody, a way of demonstrating to the host that they do not practice “populist statism” like the barons of the province of Buenos Aires. Likewise, Menem opened the State for them to take their folders to the different agencies where procedures for works and services are resolved. “Now there is no money but have everything ready,” was more or less the suggestion received, with the clarification that this government “is not going to use public works as a reward or punishment.”

The GG coexist from different sides but have great affinity with the political line of the national government. And they are all first-timers and want to be re-elected in 2027, no small feat for their future strategies.

One of those who was at the meeting pointed out that although they know that La Libertad Avanza is building its political space, they have every desire to begin to see “in the future” the possibility of “working together” politically but hand in hand with the management. “Let them know that we are on that side and that we can enhance the work of the Nation,” remarked another. Others are cautious. Arning, for example, plays with the Macrismo of Guillermo Dietrich, Macri’s former minister who was in Córdoba last week and fights for the “non-merger” line with the former president’s Milei. For now, as an in-person source said during the conversation with Eduardo Menem’s nephew from Córdoba, a political communication link was established with the conglomerate of Colón mayors.

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