Laurie Darmon will perform in Santa Marta

Laurie Darmon will perform in Santa Marta
Laurie Darmon will perform in Santa Marta

The Cajamag Theater, in collaboration with the Alliance Française, will present the talented French artist Laurie Darmon, on her tour titled ‘Music of the World’. The event will take place tomorrow starting at 7:30 pm.

It is a unique opportunity to enjoy pop music in a show that promises to be full of emotions. The entrance will be 100% subsidized for affiliates A and B. This concert is part of a tour led by the French artist through several countries.

About Laurie Darmon

Laurie Darmon, born on May 29, 1988 in Paris, is a prominent French singer-songwriter who has captivated audiences with her voice and compositions.

He grew up in a family where music always played an important role, starting to play the guitar and composing his own songs since his adolescence. Her songwriting talent and captivating voice quickly made her stand out.

Musical career

Laurie Darmon’s career took off with the release of her first single, “Au Royaume des Filles,” in 2011, which received praise from both audiences and critics.

She has released several albums, including “L’innocence” (2014) and “Chambre 404” (2017), cementing her reputation as an original and talented artist.

Their songs combine catchy melodies with poetic lyrics, covering topics ranging from love to social issues. Laurie is also known for her energetic and intimate live performances, where her stage presence and connection with the audience are notable.

Laurie Darmon finds inspiration in a wide range of musical influences, from traditional French chanson to contemporary pop.

He has cited artists such as Serge Gainsbourg, Françoise Hardy and Brigitte Fontaine as key influences. Her musical style is a fusion of French chanson, pop and folk, characterized by simple but effective arrangements that highlight her unique voice and poetic lyrics.

Their songs explore a wide range of topics, creating a varied and captivating repertoire.

An artist with international reach

Laurie Darmon, of Parisian origin and an Egyptian family in exile, sings in her compositions of her oriental roots from ancient Alexandria.

Currently, he is one of the pop stars with wide recognition in Europe and has decided to embark on a tour of America, starting in Santa Marta, and culminating in New York.

This tour is possible thanks to an international agreement between the Cajamag Theater, the French Alliances of Colombia, the French Embassy in Colombia and the French Alliance Foundation of Paris, highlighting Santa Marta as a window to European talent.

The concert promises to be an unforgettable experience for all attendees, offering an intimate and emotional approach to the music of one of Europe’s most talented contemporary pop artists.

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