“They murdered a young Cabal,” denounced the senator from the Democratic Center

“They murdered a young Cabal,” denounced the senator from the Democratic Center
“They murdered a young Cabal,” denounced the senator from the Democratic Center

Violence is rampant in the department of Cauca, where since the end of May a series of attacks against the civilian population and the Public Force have been reported.

One of the most recent was an attack with drones equipped with explosives in the town of El Plateado, in a rural area of ​​the municipality of Argelia, in which three homes were affected, which was perpetrated last Monday.

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In the midst of this attack by illegal armed groups in the southwest of the country, a follower of the Democratic Center senator and opponent of the Government María Fernanda Cabal was murdered, and who She would be part of an ancestral community in that department, as reported by the congresswoman herself from her official social network account.

“José Ever Tenorio, indigenous from Toribío, Cauca, was murdered. Cabal was young, he distanced himself from the councils because he did not agree with illicit crops and he dreamed of being a businessman. They threatened him on several occasions until they killed him. Until when (sic)”, he trilled on the night of Tuesday, June 18.

Trino de María Fernanda Cabal, after the death of the young indigenous man who claimed to be one of her followers. (Credit: @MariaFdaCabal)

The homicide would have been perpetrated on the same Monday, as highlighted in X by the indigenous leader of the Nasa community and former candidate for the Senate of the Republic José Antonio Vitonas Yatacue, which highlighted that the young man dreamed of creating a business to replace illicit crops, one of the illegal income with which illegal armed groups in that area of ​​the country are financed. and pointed to an insurgent group as responsible for the crime.

“JOSÉ EVER TENORIO, a bosom friend, my partner, from the indigenous reservation of Toribio Cauca, I always dreamed of being a Businessman. He was a mentor in changing marijuana crops for avocado Hass received several threats for his vision yesterday the FARC took his life (sic)”, he stated.

The indigenous leader José Antonio Vitonas Yatacue confirmed the crime against the young man from the ancestral community. (@Vitonas_yatacue / X)

The ancestral communities are among the hardest hit in southwestern Colombia, Last Monday, June 10, for example, the murder of another young Nasa indigenous and community member was reported in the municipality of Íquira, in the west of the department of Huila.

The young man who died was identified by authorities as Rafael Meza Rivera, who was 20 years old at the time of his death and who was attacked by armed men who were traveling on a motorcycle.

“From the Regional Indigenous Council, the 33 authorities and councils reject the vile murder of the young José Rafael, in the ancestral territory in Río Negro, Huila (…) Today more than ever we call on the country, on the State institutions, to sit down and talk and to establish a ceasefire with the armed groups so that there is peace. in the territories so that it does not continue to claim more lives,” Leonardo Home, Regional Indigenous Council (Crihu), confirmed about the crime in an interview with the radio station Blu Radio.

And indigenous organizations have expressed harsh criticism against the National Government for what would be its inaction in terms of protection and against illegal armed groups for the murders they perpetrate against people who are part of their communities.

On May 12, the association Cxhab Wala Kiwe that represents the communities of the Caucasent a long communication to the Western bloc Jacob Arenas of the Central General Staff (EMC)in which they repudiated his violent behavior in the department.

“We believe it is necessary to record the serious violations of our rights that are known to you, but that They have been impossible to stop due to the degradation of their organization for betraying the revolutionary struggleincluding the murder of unarmed women like the majority Carmelina Yule, equal to or more infamous than installing explosives against the Kiwe Thegnas,” they stated in the text.

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