Salta is part of the bioenergy league of provinces

Salta is part of the bioenergy league of provinces
Salta is part of the bioenergy league of provinces

With the ratification by decree of the act of constitution, the provincial government confirmed the integration of Salta to the so-called Bioenergetic League of Provinces, which integrates together with the jurisdictions of Santa Fé, Córdoba, Jujuy, Tucumán and Entre Rios.

These provinces agreed to form a work space to analyze, propose and promote strategies that promote the production and use of bioenergy – biofuels, biodiesel, bioethanol, biogas, biomass -, promoting the development of regional economies in this matter, as well as to the mitigation of greenhouse gases.

The political will to address a common energy agenda 2024-2027 was manifested through an act that was signed last February in Tucumán and that the Government of Salta now validated, through Decree 359 of the Ministry of Production and Sustainable Development, which It was published yesterday in the Official Gazette.

To this end, lines of action were drawn regarding sustainable mobility, distributed renewable generation and energy efficiency, financing, information and research and it was recalled that after the entry into force of National Law 27,640, the regulatory framework for biofuels was created. which includes all the activities of production, storage, marketing and mixing of biofuels.

According to the charter, the so-called Bioenergetic League of Provinces will have various general objectives.

Among them, the collaborative and integrated work of its members is mentioned in order to apply international and national standards based on the adaptation and mitigation of the adverse effects of climate change, minimizing energy consumption.

In addition, promote homogeneous regional development, social, economic and environmental sustainability, take advantage of and make efficient use of territorial energy resources, contribute to giving greater added value to the sectors: agriculture, forestry and agro-industrial, improving the efficiency of processes. productive.

Likewise, reduce the environmental impact through new approaches that allow the treatment of waste and environmental liabilities, promote the development of provincial and regional circular economies and the development of qualified local jobs.

The provinces that make up this league also agreed that the members of the interministerial commission commit to working on specific actions to be approved by complementary minutes, establishing a work agenda in the short, medium and long term, and based on the lines of action pre-established in the act signed in Tucumán.

On the other hand, in addition to issuing an invitation to the other provinces of the country and the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires that wish to take part and join the league, it was agreed that the minutes must be ratified through relevant legal instruments in each of the provinces. .

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