Lionel Messi confessed an unexpected advice that Martín Demichelis gave him to improve his career

This Monday, Lionel Messi is turning 37 years old. The Argentine star is preparing for the duel against Chile in the Copa América but he also released important statements. One of the most resonant is related to Martín Demichelis, River coach.

The current coach of River It is characterized by taking care of its players in different extra-football aspects so that they can perform at their best on the field. As a leader, the former Bayern Munich player managed to convince Leo to improve his career.

The former defender who played in three South American Qualifiers, two World Cups (2010 and 2014) and the 2015 Copa América, He shared great and difficult experiences with Messi, who continues to remember him as the pillar to make an important decision in his life.

Demichelis’ key advice to Messi to improve his career

During a note that the Argentine captain gave with Clank, he delved into the topic of feeding on the sport. «Today I give much more importance to physical care. In 2014 I understood that I had to make a change“I felt like I wasn’t feeling good and that I could get a lot more out of my physique too,” he described.

And he stressed that «there, Martín Demichelis made me meet a doctor, to whom I was going for a couple of years». Precisely in that year, both managed to reach the world final against Germany. A turning point that made him focus on food.

«I learned a lot with him. Then I added and changed things, going back to doing things I did before,” he described. Also, he highlighted that “A lot depends on the trust of the person who is guiding you and trying to help you and knowing how to know your body, knowing what is good for you and what is not”.

Without a doubt, this change favored him, since there are no major injuries to the captain in his career history and that has to do with good recovery, related to nutrition.

Before ending the 10th, he stated that this change suggested by Demichelis led him to be conscious of preventive exercises and confessed: «I tried to grow in that aspect too, in care and prevention, in doing hamstring prevention work, since I have had many injuries there. Do strength work, which I have not done in my career, I did not do much leg work, gym work and well, adding everything I can helps to continue performing.”

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