The Government already has buyers for at least three state companies

In a crucial week for the sanction of the Bases law in the Chamber of Deputies, the Government decided to play their cards and announced that “There are interested parties in the purchase of almost all” state-owned companies that can be privatized once the standard is approved.

In Balcarce 50 they even assure that “although it turns out to be deficient, there are interested parties from abroad in SOFSE“, the state railway company. In line with that, they indicate that they also received offers for Tandanor and Argentinian airlines.

However, although the national flag airline was included in the list that received half a sanction in the Chamber of Deputies, It was not part of the text approved in the Senate.

The Government is negotiating to re-include state companies that were removed from the list of privatizations in the Senate

The Chief of Staff Guillermo Francos He assured that the modifications to the text in the Senate occurred due to lack of votes and not as part of a negotiation, and the Government seeks that the companies that were removed from the list of privatizations be included again in Deputies, and They are working for it.

Guillermo Francos Chief of the Cabinet of Ministers Argentina

Guillermo Francos negotiates to once again include Aerolíneas Argentinas among the state companies to be privatized.

Ignacio Petunchi

“In the Senate we have 7 out of 72, if we don’t have the votes it will be eliminated. Our intention was for it to be approved, if we got it out it was because we did not have the votes or the support. That does not mean that we agree with that measure,” Francos declared.

However, the dialogue opposition in Deputies assured Ámbito that You cannot insist on the privatization chapteras with the retirement moratorium, since “they were not voted on in general” in the Senate.

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