Loan Search | Prosecutors explained the investigation: “There was a clear alteration of the scene”

The prosecutors who investigated the disappearance of Loan Danilo Peña, the 5 year old boy Currentsthey toasted this Monday a press conference. The dialogue with the press took place the day the case went to trial. federal jurisdiction.

The conference was chaired by William Barry and Juan Carlos Castillo who were in charge of the investigation until this Monday.

«On Thursday they told us that he had gone missing and we started looking for him, also with the neighbors. On Friday I went to the town of 9 de Julio and at that time the signal was poor. I contacted the people of Sofia alert, “I asked Loan’s parents for permission to publish the child’s photo,” said prosecutor Castillo.

Likewise, he noted: «From the first moment We do not rule out any of the hypotheses at any time.. “We have dedicated ourselves to finding the child.”

He also detailed that he activated the yellow alert to Interpol to warn of the situation at the different borders. «There is sensitive information that we will not be able to say because it will compromise the success of the investigation. There are things that cannot be said because they are strictly reserved,” she said.

Furthermore, he said: «We have noticed inconsistencies. We understood that there was a obstruction in the investigation. “That is why we have decided to order the arrest of the commissioner.”

Then the prosecutor spoke. William Barry. Along the same lines as his colleague Castillo, he indicated: “We have evidentiary material incorporated into the file but we cannot speak about it so as not to compromise the results of the investigation.”

He detailed how the gesell camera made to the children who were present at the lunch: «Although we had that first version provided by the children, we had a clearer picture when we took them to the scene. They told us the entire journey from grandmother’s house to the orange grove. The most important thing was to determine where Loan had been lost from sight. “Everyone agreed that the direction Loan had taken was toward his grandmother’s house.”

«We also reconstructed the incident with the accused Benitez and Millapi. His statements are within the right of defense, we do not reach any explanation. None of them could explain where, how or when Loan disappeared. We had no reference.”he specified and said that with his statements the hypothesis that the baby had gone missing began to lose strength.

“There were several days of searches without results,” he said and warned: «Evidently Loan did not leave that area. The slipper was placed. “Loan never got to that place.”

“There was a clear alteration of the scene of the event”to which prosecutor Barry attributed to Commissioner Walter Maciel.

Search for Loan: the case went to the Federal Justice

The Goya Guarantees Judge, Darío Alejandro Ortíztook place this Monday at the incompetence raised by the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Corrientes and the investigation into the disappearance of Loan Peña passed to federal jurisdiction.

He did so in accordance with the provisions of the Procedural Code of the province and the Procedural Code of the Nation. He also requested the immediate referral of the file to the Federal Court of Goya, by Judge Cristina Pozzer Penzoand also immediately made available the six detainees and the items kidnapped so far.

The measure was taken by Resolution No. 491 after the claim of incompetence introduced by the representative of the UFRAC Goya, Prosecutor Dr. Guillermo Barry and Dr. Juan Carlos Castillo.

Both representatives of the Public Ministry refer that ““The fact under investigation is not a matter for the Ordinary Justice, and the corresponding actions must be sent to the Federal Court of this city.”.

Furthermore, the firm hypothesis is supported that Loan Danilo Peña, the child who disappeared 11 days ago in the town of 9 de Julio, would have been “transferred to an unknown destination for exploitation purposes”.

With information from El Litoral

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