They dismantled a gang of “black widows” | Four arrested in Villa Zabaleta

They dismantled a gang of “black widows” | Four arrested in Villa Zabaleta
They dismantled a gang of “black widows” | Four arrested in Villa Zabaleta

The Federal Police arrested this Monday in Villa Zavaleta two men and two women accused of being part of a gang of “black widows”.

The event, which gave rise to the investigation coordinated by the Ministry of National Security, occurred in December 2023 when the victim’s son received a call from his father, who while babbling asked him to come to his home to help him.

The first-born son arrived at his parent’s house located in the City of Buenos Aires and found him lying on the floor, visibly disoriented, with loss of mobility and coordination.

The victim told his son that he arranged a meeting with a woman through a dating application. After dinner in his own apartment, he shared drinks and passed out.

SAME personnel confirmed that the victim had been intoxicated with an unknown substance, although his life was not in danger. In addition, the man noticed that they stole three notebooks, a watch, US$ 12,000, 300 thousand Argentine pesos, 8 pistols of different calibers and brands, three backpacks, two carbine magazines, 250 9 mm caliber Teflon cartridges, 500 cartridges of copper-tipped bullets, as well as other valuable items.

Items seized by the Federal Police. (Photo: Federal Police)

Meanwhile, members of the local Police Station of the Mobile Criminal Unit of the City Police obtained fingerprints from the crime scene of three different people and identified two women with criminal records.

With all the information obtained, the National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor’s Office No. 23, headed by Marcelo Retes, placed the investigation of the case in the hands of said Department.

The investigators determined the participation of two men, father and son, who acted as bellmen while the women attacked, who were also in charge of the logistics of the organization and the transfer of the criminals in each crime.

On the other hand, it was established that one of the men, who has a history of selling narcotics, She was the partner of one of the accused and that all those involved lived in Villa 21-24, better known as Villa Zavaleta.

In this sense, the National Criminal and Correctional Court No. 44 and Secretariat No. 115 ordered four raids in the settlement.

Two men and a woman of Paraguayan nationality, aged 44, 67 and 23 respectively, and another Argentine defendant, aged 19, were arrested.

Two men of Paraguayan nationality were arrested. (Photo: Federal Police)

The agents seized a 32 caliber pistol, a revolver of the same caliber, thirty-three 32 caliber ammunition, a compressed gas replica revolver, a blister of pills (the substance of which could have been used to make the victim sleepy), a notebook, a tablet, a backpack, an electric shaver, seven 38 caliber ammunition, three 9 millimeter ammunition, 11 cell phones, a Taser brand electric gun, 206,700 Argentine pesos, 263 US dollars, 15 euros, a green ID card and other items of interest for the cause. The agents also confiscated

Those arrested, along with the seized items, were placed at the disposal of the intervening magistrate.

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