State employees will receive salary and bonus together

State employees will receive salary and bonus together
State employees will receive salary and bonus together

From July 2 to 4, the government of Río Negro will jointly cancel the salary and the middle bonus from the state, thus injecting a general total of $83,447,411,955 between salaries and bonuses into the employees’ pockets.

The announcement was made this Monday by the governor of Río Negro, Alberto Weretilneck, on his social networks. The president gave details of how the payment will be made.

The payment schedule will begin on Tuesday, July 2, with Health workers, whose total amounts to $13,092,112,729, and with the Police, which totals $13,014,672,298. Meanwhile, on Wednesday it will be the turn of Education, to whom $37,181,384,316 is allocated.

Thursday, July 4, corresponds to the employees of Law No. 1844, who receive a total of $8,791,553,036 and from the Legislative, Judicial and control bodies, which corresponds to $11,367,689,577.

This measure, highlighted in a communication, “is part of the provincial government’s commitment to maintain regularity in the payment of salaries and benefits, providing stability and predictability to Rio Negro workers. It also allows money to be injected into the different cities of the province, generating a significant economic impact for the month of July”.

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Pesatti: “Order and austerity allow us to pay salary and bonus at the same time”

Vice Governor Pedro Pesatti highlighted the announcement of the payment of June salaries along with the half bonus during the next July 2 and 3. He did so after the cabinet meeting held at the Governors’ Residence.

“It is very important that the accounting policy carried out by Governor Alberto Weretilneck allows us to pay salaries and bonuses next week, especially in a context as unfavorable as the one we are going through,” said Pesatti. “This is due to the austerity in the management of resources that characterizes our way of governing,” he added.

The lieutenant governor finally explained that “The decision to pay salaries and bonuses jointly is very opportune to activate internal consumption in the province.Considering that this impacts SMEs, merchants and the microeconomy in general, since it involves 80 billion pesos that will be invested in our territory.”

The last bonus was rejected by the unions

In December of last year, when the Weretilneck management took its first steps, the unions rejected the payment of the bonus in installments. After the provincial government confirmed that the payment of the second installment of the complementary annual salary (SAC or bonus) would be paid in two installments, ATE expressed its disagreement. On this occasion, that scenario, which generated a serious conflict with the unions, will not be repeated. However, ahead, the government has the difficult mission of closing the partnership with the unions, bogged down until now with some sectors that represent state workers. The Unter case is the most complex.


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