Chubut advances with the maintenance and heating plan in schools

Chubut advances with the maintenance and heating plan in schools
Chubut advances with the maintenance and heating plan in schools

The Government of Chubut, through the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Energy and Planning, is advancing with the plan to maintain and improve heating systems in schools throughout the province.

In this framework, the delegate of Public Works in the southern provincial zone, Matías Olmos, pointed out that “we are advancing with this comprehensive plan in school establishments, reaching each school in Comodoro Rivadavia and Rada Tilly with answers.”

Immediate responses

When taking stock of these six months of management, Olmos said that “everything was lacking in maintenance, water, gas, electricity and heating installations,” and indicated that “one of the most shocking things was the abandonment of the basement of the Colegio Perito Moreno, a perfect example of abandonment.”

In that sense, he explained that “currently I have direct and precise contact with each representative of the company that won the tender and if a problem arises at the school I communicate by telephone so that we can deal with the issue immediately.”

Goals and maintenance

“Our main objective, as Governor Ignacio Torres has said, is that students do not miss school days and that is what we aim for,” said Olmos, mentioning that “we are carrying out an effective task in terms of maintenance and building infrastructure and it is observed in the continuity of classes.”

On the other hand, the delegate mentioned that “by not carrying out the maintenance of boilers and other equipment at the indicated time, then the cost is different, as is the case of School No. 209 and Art, where administrative details remain, but “He has the equipment to put them into action.”

Likewise, Olmos explained that “there are schools that have problems with subfloor and roof repairs, such as School No. 203, but we plan to fix these issues during the summer break because they take a long time and it is necessary that no one circulates through the establishment.” .

Finally, he pointed out that “we had a survey carried out by the previous management, but the reality was different. We particularly encounter incomplete work in schools,” Olmos mentioned, acknowledging that he is in direct contact “with school directors regarding any requirement or need.”

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