A Córdoba player apologizes after having “shit on all the dead Catalans” – Game Time

A Córdoba player apologizes after having “shit on all the dead Catalans” – Game Time
A Córdoba player apologizes after having “shit on all the dead Catalans” – Game Time

Córdoba is celebrating after having achieved promotion to the Second Division last Sunday by beating Barça Atlètic 2-1 in the second leg of the promotion final held in El Arcángel.

The great protagonist of the match was Toril with his double that turned around the initial goal scored by the Blaugrana full-back Héctor Fort. Those two goals confirmed Córdoba’s return to professional football five years later. In the following audio you will be able to hear how the second goal scored by Toril was experienced, which confirmed the promotion of the Andalusian team.


Once the long-awaited promotion was achieved, the Córdoba expedition carried out a series of celebration events both in the institutions and with its fans in the streets of the capital.

In the morning they made the offering to San Rafael in the church of El Juramento, and after that a reception by the municipal corporation took place at the Córdoba City Hall.

Once the private meal of the members of the Córdoba team was over, they began to perform the parade through the streets of the city until it ended when they “touched the sky in Las Tendillas.”


However, this celebration has been marred by the statements of one of the Córdoba players through social networks. José Manuel Calderón, who was the protagonist of this controversy, made a live broadcast through the Instagram social network when all the players were on the team bus.and in it, apart from hearing the cries of ‘illa, illa, we’re going to Las Tendillas’, and confirming that he will stay at the Córdoba club next season, he also made some condemnable comments: “I shit on the dead of all Catalans”.

After these controversial statements, The Córdoba player himself has apologized through the same social network with the following comment:

“I apologize to all the people of Barcelona and all Catalans for my actions on the show this afternoon,” Calderón apologized.

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