In Canada they explained why they are not afraid of Argentina :: Olé

In Canada they explained why they are not afraid of Argentina :: Olé
In Canada they explained why they are not afraid of Argentina :: Olé

06/17/2024 11:15 p.m.Updated on 06/17/2024 11:14 p.m.

Tajon Buchanana 25-year-old forward, is a reference for the Canadian team and is preparing to face a teammate from Inter Milan next Thursday, Lautaro Martínez, in the debut for the Copa América. The attacker was asked if he was afraid of Argentina and he was forceful: “No, it’s actually a good feeling because as a player you want to compete against elite teams.”

“Obviously, it will be a difficult situation facing some of the toughest teams, but there’s no better challenge than coming in and showing everyone who Canada is,” He added about the Copa América.

“It’s a proud moment that shows how far Canadian soccer has come. But you also want to go out and show that we can hit the ball and play quality football. I’m looking forward to the games,” he said.

“That experience of playing against the best players and the best teams and being in those environments and competing in such fast games, helps a lot as a player,” said the winger, who has already played 30 games with Canada.

“When you play these important games with the national team, you can show that you have been in those big moments before and that you can contribute to the ultimate goal,” the player added.

“Marsch is a very experienced coach who will help us win some important games and we are all very excited to get started.”

Buchanan already participated in the World Cup in Qatar and assisted on Canada’s first goal, by Alphonso Davies.

Buchanan at Inter Milan.

Marsch, who replaced Marcelo Bielsa at Leeds, said: “I think we are more prepared after the games we had in Europe and the level at which they were played. We will not be surprised to find the quality and level of play with Argentina. And I think that will give us a better chance of being able to perform well and hopefully get a result.”

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