Interrogations for the death of two soldiers in Córdoba resume in MadridAJ Gonzalez

The statements of soldiers made this Tuesday before the Central Military Togado court 2 of Madrid in the investigation of the death of Corporal Miguel Angel Jimenez and the soldier Carlos Leon occurred at the base of Cerro Muriano, in Córdoba, they once again point to the alleged responsibility of the captain investigated for these facts.

This is explained by sources close to the procedure, who detail that they have the 16 cited people appeared and that the interrogation, carried out via videoconference in the Togado Militar 21 court in Seville, has lasted all day. According to what they indicate, in general terms, the witnesses insist on highlighting the extreme temperatures that were recorded on December 21, in the early hours of the morning, when the activity took place and the lack of security measures.


They also add that these soldiers have recounted how the captain had brought them together to tell them that what happened were things that happen in the military and had asked them to remain silent about these events, without telling them to friends, family or the media. This Tuesday, one of the two soldiers injured in the exercise declared that he needed cardiopulmonary resuscitation. The interrogations will continue tomorrow, Wednesday and Thursday in Seville, and it is expected that the four authorized officers under investigation will offer their testimonies in the coming days.

In total, the judge has called 42 witnesses and experts linked to the facts. That figure includes the colonel in charge of the La Reina 2 Infantry Regiment (of the Guzmán El Bueno X Brigade) when the basic training program was approved; the chief colonel of La Reina 2 when exercise Alfa took place; the lieutenant colonel chief of the regiment’s staff during the approval and development of the basic training plan, and the chief commander of the regiment’s staff during the development of the maneuvers.

The testimonies of these investigated authorized commanders (which is the reason why the case has reached Madrid) will be added to those already provided, before the 21st Military Court in Seville, by the three initially prosecuted for the death of the two soldiers. , who are the captain responsible for the activity, a lieutenant and a sergeant.


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