Medical consultation increases in Mendoza: values ​​since July

Medical consultation increases in Mendoza: values ​​since July
Medical consultation increases in Mendoza: values ​​since July

This Tuesday, June 25, it was officially confirmed that new prices for the medical consultationwhich since September 2023 has an “ethical” value due to the conflict that health professionals face with the social works and prepaid when making payments in the queries. The jump of the prices exceeds 5.5%.

This decision was made by the Mendoza Medical Circle (CMM), the Mendoza Medical Federation (FMM) and with the endorsement of the Medical Confederation of the Argentine Republic (COMRA), who inform the community that “the value of medical consultation “It has been updated for the month of July of this year to $19,000.”

Meanwhile, in the case of psychiatric consultation $26000. “This ethical fee can be absorbed by prepaid medicine and social work entities in whole or in part, according to current contracts and agreements,” they highlighted in an official statement.

The statement from the Medical Federation.

“If the coverage is not total, the patient must pay the difference. The update is based on the current level of inflation and the delay with which the entities prepaid pay for services doctorswhich generates a loss in the purchasing value of the fees,” he adds.

And they highlighted that: “The medical entities signatories maintain that this update is necessary to ensure the quality of medical care and guarantee the dignity of professional work.”

“Likewise, health entities are requested to contribute to solving long-standing problems that have been affecting the medical sector, such as delays in payments and lack of updating of tariffs,” they concluded by saying.


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