They capture a tourist in ‘Mucho Gusto’ taking photos in a swimsuit at -6 °C in Farellones

They capture a tourist in ‘Mucho Gusto’ taking photos in a swimsuit at -6 °C in Farellones
They capture a tourist in ‘Mucho Gusto’ taking photos in a swimsuit at -6 °C in Farellones

After the intense rains that were recorded in the south-central area, the temperature has dropped considerably, even more so with the arrival of winter in Chile. What’s more, on Monday, June 24, the lowest temperature worldwide in BalmacedaAysén region, where they made themselves felt -21°C.

Given this, many people have taken advantage of the cold and that it is winter vacation time to visit the mountain sectors, since the snow has covered a large part of the Andes, especially in Farellonescommune of Lo Barnechea.

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Brazilian surprised by taking photos in the snow / “Mucho Gusto”

Young woman did photo shoot in the snow wearing bikini

However, what none of those attending the snow expected was to see a woman in a bikini when the temperatures were in -6°C at 09:30 in the morningto this Tuesday.

The unusual event was recorded by the cameras of the morning show “Mucho Gusto” while the journalist Gonzalo Ramírez was reporting the situation in the tourist area of ​​Farellones, when a woman took off her overalls and was left in a bikini to do a photo session.

Young woman took photos in a bikini at -6 °C / “Mucho Gusto”

“That girl down there is in a swimsuit, what are we talking about!”said Gonzalo in the middle of the office when he saw the young woman posing only in a fluorescent swimsuit, boots and goggles on the cold snow.


The young Brazilian gave an interview to the morning / “Mucho Gusto”

You have to be very brave“said the journalist while everyone in the “Mucho Gusto” studio was equally surprised by the daring actions of the woman, who took a couple of photos and then wrapped up again.

A few minutes later, the “Mucho Gusto” team managed to find the woman and spoke with her to ask her about her daring photo shoot.

It is a tourist from Brazil that she was accompanied by her mother, who was the one who took the photos to publish them on her Instagram.

Alice Kim is a Brazilian circus performer and her mother confessed in “Mucho Gusto” that her daughter longed to have a photo in a bikini in the snow. In addition, the young woman pointed out that she was inspired by social media influencers to take the photo of her.

Immediately the young woman increased in more than seven thousand followers and shared the images he took in the snow through his Instagram account. In addition, she uploaded a video to her social network stories, explaining to her Brazilian followers that she appeared on Chilean television.

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