‘The Phantom Menace’ continues to attract viewers to theaters in the re-release for its 25th anniversary

No matter how much time has passed since its premiere, and no matter how many editions have been released on DVD and Blu-ray, its screenings on television or availability on streaming platforms streamingthe galactic saga created by George Lucas continues to maintain its drawing power when it comes to attracting fans to see again, or for the first time in some cases, the films of Star Wars on the big screen.

This has been demonstrated by the second re-release of Star Wars: Episode 1 – The Phantom Menacethe first was in 3D in February 2012 and grossed $102.7 million in theaters, and the second was last weekend coinciding with Star Wars Day, May 4 and with the 25 years of the George Lucas film that began the prequel trilogy of the original. And, although the figures have not been as spectacular as in that 3D version, has confirmed that it continues to have a pulllike the re-released films of the trilogy The Lord of the rings by Peter Jackson or Harry Potter.

According to data from Box office Mojo, the box office in some countries has yet to be collected, has been made with 14.4 million globally. In the United States it was the second highest grossing, surpassed by the 28.5 of The specialist with Emily Blunt and Ryan Goslingand followed by the 7.6 of Rivals of Luca Guadagnino starring Zendaya. The projection was accompanied by a trailer of The Acoytethe new series of Star Wars available on Disney+ starting June 4 and that is set in the time of the High Republic.

In our rooms their figures have been somewhat more modest, ninth in the weekend calculation and at a box office led by Garfield: The Movie and The specialistbut taking into account that its premiere was the same Saturday, May 4 instead of Friday the 3rd as in the United States.

Total, The Phantom Menace has already accumulated 1,035.7 million dollars (483.2 in the United States and 552.5 in the rest of the markets) in these 25 years, if we stick to the data for The Numbers, most of which logically comes from its premiere in May 1999.

So, even though it was a bomb at the box office, It was received with very different opinions, especially negative. However, over the years, far from being devalued, has been winning over fans and critics. And the intention of Lucasfilm and Disney is to continue re-releasing the rest of the films that make up the main saga, from A new hope from 1977 to The Rise of Skywalker of 2019.

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