How was “Rocky” made? A new film will show Sylvester Stallone’s path to success

How was “Rocky” made? A new film will show Sylvester Stallone’s path to success
How was “Rocky” made? A new film will show Sylvester Stallone’s path to success

The film is inspired by the origins of the “Rocky” saga and the determination of its creator to obtain the leading character. (Credits: Snap/Shutterstock)

The story behind Rocky, the award-winning boxing film starring Sylvester Stallone, reflects as much determination and courage as fiction itself. The origins of the franchise and Stallone’s stardom will be the focus of a new feature film directed by Peter FarrellyOscar winner for drama Green Book: a friendship without borders. The project titled I Play Rocky will portray the path and insistence of the actor that led him to international success through the character of Rocky Balboa.

According to the synopsis presented by deadline, the film will focus on the adversities that Stallone faced to make the film that would mark his life forever. Before Rocky Balboathe performer had difficulties establishing himself in Hollywood, due to the fact that his face showed the consequences of partial paralysis and he also had a speech problem.

Against all odds, Stallone wrote a vibrant script that captured the essence of the American dream through boxing. He took his proposal to several studios on the condition that he star in his own work. Although they made him substantial offers to give up the story, Sylvester did not give up and continued knocking on doors until he found the producers who allowed him to make the audiovisual piece a reality.

Peter Farrelly, known for “Green Book,” will direct “I Play Rocky.” (Credit: REUTERS/David McNew/File Photo)

I Play Rocky will narrate how this risky bet, far from being a sure-loss gamble, becomes a resounding success. The movie Rocky, released in 1976, became the biggest box office success of that year, and also received ten Oscar nominations, ultimately winning the award for Best Picture and two other categories. This project not only catapulted Stallone to stardom, but also created one of the most beloved and enduring franchises in film history.

The new fiction will be produced by Peter Farrelly next to Toby Emmerichformer head of film at Warner Bros., and Christian Baha. Peter Gamble is the author of the script, which has been described as “energetic and moving”, which captures the determination the actor showed to fulfill his dream.

“The story of I Play Rocky “He is as unique as Sylvester Stallone himself, an everyman with an undeniable gift who needs to share it with the world and refuses to take ‘no’ for an answer,” Baha said in the official announcement of the project.

The release of “Rocky” was a resounding success and became a prolific franchise in the film industry (Credit: United Artists/Getty Images)

The film will also undertake a “global search” to find its protagonist, which attempts to replicate the essence of “discovery” that Stallone had with “Rocky” and find “an actor who needs just one chance to show the world what he can do.” ”.

The production of I Play Rocky It is managed by Baha Productions, Fireside Films and Eden Rock Media. Responsibility for sales in the US market falls to CAA Media Finance, while FilmNation Entertainment is responsible for international marketing. This process will officially begin in the prestigious market of Cannesa place where the project will seek to find global distribution.

This retrospective documentary offers an intimate look at the Oscar-nominated actor, screenwriter, director and producer, drawing parallels between his inspiring underdog story and the indelible characters he has brought to life. (Credits: Netflix)

Stallone’s story has been explored before through biographical documentaries. In 2023, Netflix premiered the documentary film SLY which compiles the career and legacy of the 77-year-old New York actor. In addition to his life in the cinema, SLY dives into Stallone’s complicated personal and family history. The film lasts 95 minutes and is rated on Rotten Tomatoes with 81% from 54 reviews.

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