It is one of the best war films. It’s incredible and you can see it on Prime Video this weekend

It is one of the best war films. It’s incredible and you can see it on Prime Video this weekend
It is one of the best war films. It’s incredible and you can see it on Prime Video this weekend

Its pace and the way it was shot are incredible

His sequence shot journey through the entire film is absolutely surprising.

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There are war films that have marked a before and after. Saving Private Ryan is the best example, since it changed the paradigm on the understanding of war until that moment among audiences. However, the first World War It has always been greatly forgotten, something that has been corrected over the years. Today it is precisely our turn to talk about the best film that has been made about this conflict, since it is also available in streaming for all Amazon Prime Video users.

The war that was going to end all wars

In 1914 the war broke out that was to end all wars. A war of a level that had never been experienced until then. With millions of soldiers mobilized on each side, all of them unaware of the scale that the conflict was going to reach. Three years later, two young friends are tasked with carrying orders to another army corps with a clear objective: to prevent a false retreat by the German army that could destroy the front line. Thus, both will travel to observe the terrible horror up close on a mission that will change both of their lives forever.

World War I was a terrifying event that changed the course of the world forever. In this sense, Sam Mendes, its director, signed a masterpiece with 1917 since it brought us a really well-set film, with an incredible story and memorable performances. The director, who has stood out for other masterpieces such as American Beauty either Jarhead, has always had a very good hand at portraying the conflict in a very different way than other authors have done. Thus, we are faced with a film that advocates the wonderful development of the characters as well as a very well-conducted staging.

The way it is shot is incredibly striking, since it is a constant sequence plane for what it had to be very difficult to roll and gives it a very surprising added value. Furthermore, the fact that it is always a sequence shot helps to energize the scenes and make them much more agile. This, along with its good characters and the powerful drama that overflows in each frame positions it as one of the best war films in history.

In general, this is an outstanding film, so If we haven’t seen it, it’s a good idea to get on with it as soon as possible.. It is a perfect plan to spend the weekend afternoon.

Watch ‘1917’ on Amazon Prime Video

The Amazon Prime Video catalog is responsible for having this very interesting film, so It’s a good bet to focus on a catalog that It really has real gems.especially when it comes to cinema.

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