the multi-winning film by Luis Tosar and Anna Castillo that sweeps the platform


This movie of Netflix is inspired by millions of true stories about the drama of immigration in Europe.

Adú It was the winner of four Goya awards, including best director (Salvador Calvo) and best new actor (Adam Nourou).

Netflix: what Adú is about

The streaming giant Netflix Give a brief description of the movie Adú and says: “Near a Spanish village in North Africa, a boy makes a painful journey, a father reconnects with his daughter, and a civil guard agent falls prey to guilt.”

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While the official synopsis of Adú tells that a six-year-old boy and his older brother wait, crouching on a landing strip in Cameroon, for the right moment to sneak onto a plane that will take them to Europe.

Not too far away, an environmental activist looks in horror at a dead, tuskless elephant. In addition to fighting against poaching, this man must also overcome the problems that will arise when he reunites with his daughter, recently arrived from Spain.


Thousands of kilometers to the north, in Melilla, a group of civil guards prepares to confront the large group of sub-Saharans trying to cross the border. These three stories are united by a central theme, and none of their protagonists knows that their destinies are doomed to cross.


Cast of Adú, Netflix movie

  • Luis Tosar like Gonzalo
  • Anna Castillo like Sandra
  • Alvaro Cervantes like Matthew
  • Miguel Fernandez like Miguel
  • Jesus Carroza like javi
  • Moustapha Oumarou like Adu
  • Adam Nourou like massar
  • Zayidiyya Dissou like Alika
  • Ana Wagener like Paloma

Netflix: Adu trailer

Embed – ADÚ | Official trailer | Paramount Pictures Spain

Where to see Adu

  • Latin America: Adú can be seen in Netflix.
  • United States: Adú can be seen in Netflix and in Netflix basic with Ads.
  • Spain: Adú can be seen in Netflix and in Netflix basic with Ads.
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