Nosferatu: the remake with Bill Skarsgård and Lily Rose-Depp presents its first preview

Nosferatu: the remake with Bill Skarsgård and Lily Rose-Depp presents its first preview
Nosferatu: the remake with Bill Skarsgård and Lily Rose-Depp presents its first preview

Nosferatu, by Robert Eggers, is the gothic story of an obsession between a tormented young woman and a terrifying vampire in love with her, causing indescribable horror in her wake.

In the midst of a wave of remakes, reboots and prequels that has been sweeping through cinema in recent years, there is one production that seems to stand out from the crowd and keep the public’s interest alive. Whether due to the support of a luxury cast or the fresh look of its talented director, the reinterpretation of Nosferatu in charge of Robert Eggers continues to raise the expectations of horror film fans and its first preview gives us a small taste of its potential.

Although the filmography of Eggers spans less than a decade and is only made up of three films (‘The witch‘, ‘The lighthouse‘ and ‘The man of the north‘) the filmmaker has proven to be capable of creating disturbing, claustrophobic atmospheres with historical accuracy, elements that fit wonderfully with the reimagining of the mythical vampire. Added to this are the performances of great talents that include Bill Skarsgård (barbarian) as Count Orlok and Lily-Rose Depp (The Idol) in the role of Ellen Hutter.

For the moment, the teaser trailer It doesn’t reveal too much about the film’s plot, but it does introduce us to the creature rising from the shadows to exert control over the city’s inhabitants and several of its possible victims. In addition to Skarsgård in the role of Orlok, the titular monster, the feature film brings together two regular collaborators of Robert Eggersas Willem Dafoe and Ralph Ineson. The cast is completed with Nicholas Hoult (Renfield), Emma Corrin (The Crown) and Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Kick Ass).

Nosferatu, the new film by Robert Eggers, hits theaters in December Credits: Universal Pictures / Focus Features

As an unauthorized and unofficial adaptation of the legendary novel by Bram Stokerthe original film Nosferatu It premiered more than a century ago, becoming one of the most influential works of all time. Its plot (like Dracula) follows a young woman who is stalked by a chilling vampire from Transylvania.

Nosferatu It will be the fourth film Robert Eggers and, in the director’s words, it will honor old-school gothic horror. This is scheduled to be released in theaters in the United States on December 25, 2024, a fairly opportune date that assures fans of the genre a gift for the Christmas season.

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