The best premieres of the week: from ‘Inside Out 2’ to ‘The Undesirables’

The best premieres of the week: from ‘Inside Out 2’ to ‘The Undesirables’
The best premieres of the week: from ‘Inside Out 2’ to ‘The Undesirables’

Make room for new emotions! Watch the new trailer for #IntensaMente2 from Disney and Pixar, premiering June 13, only in theaters. (Credit: Disney Studios LA)

The month of June reaches its halfway point in a somewhat special way. This week is largely marked by the premiere of Inside out 2, the long-awaited sequel to one of Pixar’s greatest hits in recent years. So much so that its premiere has conditioned the rest of this week’s releases, all of them moving forward to this Wednesday the 19th instead of the traditional Friday of releases. But not everything is going to be Disney Pixar, because there are so many new films this week with which to discover great stories and make the summer heat more bearable.

A thriller with political overtones very appropriate to current times, a drama with two high-profile actors or a great period Spanish film are some of the companions to Riley’s emotions for this week. Because although all the spotlights are on Inside out 2there are plenty of options on the billboard to feel as many emotions as those of the Pixar film itself, from terror to joy and sadness.

The most anticipated premiere of the week without a doubt, and not only for the little ones but also for many adults. Almost ten years after meeting the young woman Riley and the emotions that populate your mind –Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust and Fear-, in this new installment other feelings typical of the transition to puberty arrive, such as Shame, Envy either Anxiety. All this in a film that has already been released in the United States in a first weekend where it has made a great collection and therefore now it is presented as one of the great hopes to bring people to the cinemas, before it ends. landing on Disney+ like others have done.

‘Inside Out’ (2015)

Actors Anders Danielsen Lie and Renate Reinsve They gave a lot to talk about a couple of years ago, when they both starred The worst person in the world, one of the most acclaimed independent films of recent years. Now both Norwegian actors meet again, although not exactly in a romantic comedy with dramatic overtones, but in a pure and simple horror film. The film is set in Oslo again, where this time the dead seem to wake up, although their relatives are not entirely clear why this is the case. Are they zombies, are they their relatives brought back to life? Most likely, they would prefer not to know the answer.

Image of ‘Rest in Peace’

The performance of Maria Vazquez in Matria was celebrated as one of the best of all of 2023. Now the Galician actress returns with this drama set in Spain in the 80s. In it the actress plays a mother who takes her daughter to Madrid after she dies. I’m pregnant. In this way, Lucía (Sofía Milan) ends up being admitted to a reformatory for young pregnant women where she will learn that what she carries inside her is not a burden at all.

Image of ‘Enlightenment’

Jessica Chastain and Peter Sarsgaard meet in this drama about a social worker who encounters a man who follows her home from a high school promotion meeting. A connection begins to emerge between them, which will be strengthened when she learns that he suffers from an illness that causes him to lose his memory and that has distanced him from his loved ones. Directed by Michel Franco (New order) in its new foray outside of Mexico, the film has been praised for the performances of its leading duo.

There couldn’t be a better time to see a movie like this than now. What happened in the European elections in France, added to the recent statements by great French personalities such as Kylian Mbappéhave caused a very specific situation in France that perfectly illustrates The undesirables. The director’s previous film already did this to a large extent, The Miserables, which captured the climate of friction between the police and the Parisian suburbs, even anticipating cases like that of Nahel Merzouk. In this film the filmmaker Ladj Ly It focuses further on the politicians who control these neighborhoods and municipalities around the French capital where thousands of people live overcrowded and at the mercy of the impulses of a few.

Image from ‘The Undesirables’

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