Why a film repeatedly fills Jesús María’s cinema

Why a film repeatedly fills Jesús María’s cinema
Why a film repeatedly fills Jesús María’s cinema

On June 13 it premiered Inside Out 2 (Inside Out 2), one of the most anticipated animated films worldwide. During 2015, the first part of this story was revealed, which was able to tempt millions of people to escape to the movies.

To date, the film is a phenomenon that attracted millions of fans, positioning the sequel as “the highest grossing in the world.”

A few weeks after its launch, the second part of Riley’s story and her new emotions surpassed more than three million viewers in record time. Likewise, Pixar managed to own the highest-grossing film in the United States.

In the city of Jesús María, this phenomenon is repeated but in a perhaps even accentuated way. The Molise Cinema bears witness to this unique phenomenon.

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The director of the cinema, Juan Heredia, explained that the film broke “a record” that surpasses any other film, setting a trend among diverse audiences such as children and adults.

The first week of release on the big screen, it was so successful that it surpassed the number of spectators, they set up two theaters for the same film and offered seven screenings a day.

Although Juan explained that as a rule, they always leave ten empty seats free for greater comfort in the public, the performances from the first week until Sunday were packed.

At a general level, the sales system showed that more than 1,700 tickets were sold per day.

Viewers in general opt more for cinemas with normal screens. Exceptionally, on Saturday, Tuesday and Monday, more than 600 tickets were sold in 3D, with the rest of the days selling between almost 300 to 500 tickets.

Within the billboard of Jesus Mariense cinema, “Inside Out 2” surpassed “Minions: A Villain Born”, “Garfield: Out of Home” and “Kung Fu Panda 4” on a large scale, which had been positioned as the most viewed.

Worldwide, the film surpassed the number of viewers that “Toy Story 4” achieved in the same number of days and dethroned Dune 2, which accumulated $711 million in total.

The film will run throughout the month of July and possibly into August.

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