The 20 hard ones from 11/20 to 11/26: Judas Priest, Motörhead, The Warning, Rulo y la Contrabanda or Paradise Lost in our rock and metal playlist on Spotify

November 20, 2023 9:10 pm
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The best rock and the best metal in all its aspects and subgenres shines every week in the most complete Spotify playlist, which is updated by the La Heavy and MariskalRock team with the most popular current events very present but without leaving behind either the great classics or undiscovered talent from all over the world.

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We have a lot of music to discover and much more that will bring back fond memories! Don’t know what to wear? Let us give you a good list of recommendations.


1. “Choke” – The Warning: “In June they made their first and successful foray into Spain. In April 2024 the girls will return with the important band vitola. The young Mexican women will offer four concerts: day 4 in Madrid (La Riviera), 6 in Barcelona (Razzmatazz), 8 in Santiago de Compostela and 9 Bilbao (Kafe Antzokia).

2. “Say Just Words” – Paradise Lost: “Spectacular poster of the Z! LiveFest, which will once again put Zamora in the international concert of hard music between June 13 and 15. Surely this classic of gothic metal classics will not stop playing at IFEZA.”

3. “Confetti” – Rulo y la Contrabanda: “She seems dedicated to her partner, but as she delves into the interview in La Heavy nº456this song, one of the highlights of ‘5’, was actually inspired by Oliver, his second son.”

4. “Live-die” – Azrael: “It has taken almost three months, but we finally have it within reach of all the digital platforms ‘Dimension V’, the ninth LP by Azrael from Granada. A little bit of power metal always brightens the day, right?”

5. “Performance” – Atomic Lemons: “What a pleasure to see young bands come out with courage and clear ideas. This one comes from Jaén and its proposal is that of rock suitable for all audiences and with sophisticated production. In their 10 years of experience they have published an EP, two LPs and a few singles like the one in question, which is still recent. About their concerts they say that the objective is “not to leave anyone indifferent”, and in the absence of being able to verify it, what is clear to me in advance with the video clip “It’s just that they’re not one of those who go out with what they’re wearing.”


6. “Trial By Fire” – Judas Priest: “New preview of the next album by the legendary band that, in contrast to “Panic Attack”, is a not so dizzying song, it is more mid-tempo, with a very strong presence and very in the foreground of the rhythm base, but in which the strength and solidity of Judas Priest remains intact.”

7. “Rock It” – Motörhead: “A new reissue of Motörhead’s 1983 album ‘Another Perfect Day’ has just been released to mark the 40th anniversary of its release. Honestly, it was never among the best of the group’s production, but it still contained some very good songs like this “Rock It”. The reissue, with extra material and photo book included, is a gem for fans of the band led by Lemmy.”

8. “Firing Line” – Molly Hatchet: “Finally, after a 13-year wait, the southern rock legends present us with a new song recorded at the famous Abbey Road Studios in London, United Kingdom. It was produced by Bobby Ingram, a member of the band, and mastered by Lucy Launder and Alex Wharton, who has recently worked with Paul McCartney and the . The group’s unmistakable style and its very personal southern rock are maintained in this formidable song.”

9. “Iker no longer owes me a coffee” – Gilipojazz: “Again, between Red Hot Chili Peppers, Frank Zappa and Primus, this unclassifiable avant-garde and “conventional” instrumental rock group like no other surprises us again with a groundbreaking piece characteristic of their style and that will be part of their next album. study, scheduled for the first months of 2024.”


10. “Temporary (Part 1: Afternoon)” – The Freedom of the Chickpea: “The Sevillian rock fusion band reinvents itself with its most ambitious project to date, a short film with its own soundtrack, the first of whose chapters, “Tarde”, has just seen the light. As a backdrop, the passage of time and the eagerness to take advantage of every second before biological expiration does its thing. The musical richness, its message and the excellent audiovisual display make this work, which will release its two remaining episodes in the coming weeks, one of the most interesting of the year in the sphere of state rock. By the way, on Friday the 24th they play in Barcelona and on Sunday the 26th in Madrid, with Kike M.”

11. “Arcades” – Delpalo: “The band, in my opinion, the most promising of those that have broken molds this year in terms of urban rock has finally published in its entirety its first full-length album, ‘Soportales’, whose first cut gives it its title and also has on the street his new video clip. We enjoyed them very recently in concert in Madrid and we confirm that something big is brewing with Delpalo. Don’t lose track of them.”

12. “Your warmth will be my voice” – Sylvania: “The powerful Valencian power metal band has ‘Pursatorium’ in sight, his new album, which will be released on December 22 through Art Gates Records and of which the latest preview that we have known is this brave and effective cut, with that everlasting symphonic aura, a waste of virtuosity on the guitars, dazzling melodies and a chorus that you will not easily let go of.”

13. “Page by Page” – Reveal: “The international project led by Tino Hevia, former guitarist and founder of DarkSun and Nörthwind, has in ‘Still Alive’ a powerful new vindication of its lightning power in the key of heavy and power metal. There is a great desire to enjoy songs like this “Page by Page” live, one of the highlights of the album, and, if all goes well, in 2024 there will be concerts in different parts of our geography. “We will remain vigilant.”


14. “Hero” – Cave: “A very good start to this confluence of stars proposed by the quintet formed by: Roberto Palacios, former bassist of Chinchilla, Goblins Blade and My Darkness Hate; singer Ronnie Munroe, who has been active in Metal Church and Trans-Siberian Orchestra; former Ivanhoe and Scene Chris Lorey on guitars; and former Chinchilla and Crazy Maiden (tribute to NWOBHM classics) Chris Schwinn on drums.
Under the name of Cave, this cast of great musicians has just released their first preview, “Hero”, a song with energetic bases, effervescent guitars, a very well-measured keyboard accompaniment and a voice that in many moments will remind us of that profile so authentic that the incombustible Biff Byford of Saxon continues to leave us with an imprint.
At the beginning of Cave’s career, they sound classic, but at the same time powerful and intense. Munroe knows how to make good use of a mature but emphatic voice, nuances that the band takes very good advantage of to solidify a stone’s throw from what, we hope, will soon be the first work of a group that, more than pointing out ways, promises a lot. . Enjoy!”


15. “Zero to the left” – You’re Not Going to Like It: “The Uruguayan band with this song went straight to the heart, without anesthesia it speaks of the subject in its existential plane, of the desire to get away from negative experiences and influences. “Zero to the Left” is our musical psychologist of breaking with those abandonments and prejudices on the part of others, going out to see the sun that implies personal growth and independence from everything and everyone. A song that is a roller coaster of emotions from saying: “How fragile my world is again / That is the basis of my loneliness”, to that moment of detachment, of resurrection drowned in a cry: “I want to be on the left from zero // don’t analyze me, I’m not going to change.”
No Te Va a Gustar not only speaks of the fragility of the subject in these turbulent times, but it is also a reflection on the society we live in, a constant premonition of a song written in 2010.
From these virtual lines of Américas Rock (Monday 4:00 p.m. Spanish peninsula time on MariskalRock Radio) I invite you to listen to “Cero a la left”, a negatively positive song that invites you to get out of the hole and be part of it, to be recognized in the small and the great thing, and the title of the album where this song is said well: ‘At least today’.”


16. “Wrong Way” – Golden: “Included in their latest album ‘Running In Circle’, which came out on May 12, 2023, it is the debut EP of the quartet from Charleston, West Virginia. Golden are Cody Conway, Mikey Harris, Greg McGowan and Matt McKinney. I think what they do is great as well as interesting.”

17. “Thank You Too! – Live At The Basement East” – Illiterate Light: “’Sunburned’ is the new album by the duo Illiterate Light, a combo that on record sounds experimental and mellow but live is a sonic steamroller. That is why I have decided to show my gratitude to his proposal with this single called “Thank you” that plays live. The perfect American combination is woven by guitarist and singer Jeff Gorman with drummer Jacke Cochran. The first comes from Harrisonburg, Virginia, and the second from Nashville, Tennessee.”

18. “Kontran” – Ezpalak: “Ezpalak are from Zestoa and are made up of Eñaut Gaztañaga (guitarist), Juanjo Berasain (vocals), Unai Eizagirre (bass) and Janardana Iglesias (drums). They have done this great song together with Cris Lizarrada and Lore Nekane from Belako but their next singles are with Ane Barcena from Pinpiilinpussies and Gorka Urbizu. They also have Ayuken, so success is assured. When are you coming to Barcelona or Madrid to play?”

19. “Violent” – Dead Sara: Dead Sara is a group from Los Angeles admired by Courtney Love. Emily Armstrong is the singer and Siouxsie Medley is her guitarist. Its members include bassist Chris Null and drummer Sean Friday, who had worked with Skrillex. They continue to publish with Pocket Kid Records since they debuted and have now released “Violent”, which came out on October 27. “Dead Sara are still the best opening acts in the world.”


20. “42” – Roosters: One of the best rock bands in Spain is back with their new album, ‘Pop Songs, Rock Sound, Punk Attitude’. Last Saturday we were watching how they did a complete sold out at the Sol room in Madrid and performed several of the songs that make up this new album, among which is “42”. A band with incredible talent, a super cool attitude on stage and unmatched quality. Unsurpassed in every way. Long live the Roosters!


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