David Bechkam responds: are the Spice Girls coming back? | LOS40 Classic

David Bechkam responds: are the Spice Girls coming back? | LOS40 Classic
David Bechkam responds: are the Spice Girls coming back? | LOS40 Classic

When David Beckham met Victoria Both were at their most difficult time to have a partner – they would say now – because they were two of the most famous people of the late 90s. While the footballer became the most coveted player on the sports scene, She triumphed all over the world with the girlband Fashion. Suddenly they became the most followed couple in the world: they took long trips on private jets to see each other for just a few hours, and the athlete became one of the group just to see his girl. This is what they told in the documentary Netflix, Beckhamreleased last year.

For this reason, when we have to talk about the Spice Girls and Beckham is present, all questions about what was his wife’s band are directed to him. “Are they coming back?” It is possibly the most repeated, especially since they met last April to celebrate the 50th birthday of which she was the “spice posh”. Emma Bunton, Geri Halliwell-Horner, Melanie Brown and Melanie Chisolm responded to Victoria’s call to sing her hit together Stop, which was so popular in 1997. If they get along so well, they miss those epic moments and everyone wants to see them, why don’t they come back? It could happen?

David Beckham’s response is not what we expected: “Unfortunately, that is not happening,” he confessed to Variety magazine during an interview, ensuring that each of the Spices are in different professional moments. “Victoria was very happy to see the girls, and she was a very important part of her life, but obviously, “They all have their own things,” He confessed when asked about a possible meeting. Although the good relationship they have means that, at specific times, they can give us more than one surprise: “They will do certain things together at certain times“, he assured.

Between fashion, trends and being one of the most admired faces in the industry, Victoria may not have all the time that comes with being part of a group, even for a while: “If there is anyone busier than me, it is her “concluded her husband when talking about this possible return. Additionally, to celebrate their 30th anniversary, the band gave their followers an unreleased video of their first auditions together. You’ve seen?

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