Leila Cobo receives the Maximum Icon award from the famous Icon awards

Leila Cobo receives the Maximum Icon award from the famous Icon awards
Leila Cobo receives the Maximum Icon award from the famous Icon awards

A job well done is once again rewarded in the 2024 Icon & Influencer Icon awards. This year, in which it celebrates its fifth anniversary, its most important category, Maximum Icon, goes to a woman with an inspiring career.

Leila Cobo will be honored this June 20, at City Hall El Rodeo, in Medellín, for a career dedicated to work, Latin music and good work. A tribute to her contribution to this industry to which she has given herself body and soul.

Getting to where you are has been a fascinating journey. “The truth is that this was a path that I built, literally, brick by brick, and at the beginning, I genuinely didn’t know where I was going. I was just learning and exploring, until I understood that if I wanted to achieve bigger things, I had them.” to do for myself and advocate for myself. Once I was able to do that, I could really start building,” she shared. exclusively for People en Español when looking back.

Leila Cobo is awarded for her inspiring career.

Photo: Natalia Aguilera / Lopera International Management, Corp

The news of this new achievement in her career has her immensely grateful and excited. “Receiving this award, and receiving it in Colombia, from colleagues, is very significant and very exciting and makes you think that the work is worth it,” added the person in charge of all Latin and Spanish content for Billboard.

To those who, like her in her day, start from scratch but want everything, she shares that, more than a secret formula for success, the key is in work and belief in one’s talents. “I think it is vital to have self-confidence and advocate for yourself. It is something that as women we sometimes have to do better. But desire does not overcome knowledge. Knowing how to work well for me is always more important,” says the also writer.

Leila Cobo is honored.

Photo: Mary Beth Kobeh / Lopera International Management, Corp

This new award for his long career represents a joy, but also the desire to continue working with the same enthusiasm. He has a few projects and desires left to fulfill. “I have many. I really try to learn and nourish myself every day because we live in a time of great changes both in music and in the media. Learning is vital,” explained the Colombian in this conversation with People en Español.

Currently, in addition to all her work as a communicator and successful novelist and biographer, she is determined to explore new scenarios. “For example, I am expanding my network as “speaker”, speaking at conventions and institutions about the music industry. I am also very involved in creating different content formats. I love it. Creating content is what moves me the most,” she confirmed excitedly.

Leila Cob receives important recognition.

Photo: Natalia Aguilera / Lopera International Management, Corp

There is something else that makes your heart beat in a special way. “I finally started writing my new book, which is a continuation of The Slow Formula. This time, I will focus on the hit stories from 2007 until now. Also, I am in the middle of planning our Billboard Latin Music Week, which will take place from October 14 to 18 in Miami. We have already confirmed some of the most important artists in our music. “I’m very excited,” she expressed about what’s coming.

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This Thursday, Leila will once again reap the fruits of the passion she puts into every project and job she does. One more reason to continue giving everything and betting on what she loves so much.

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